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Sutliff - 515 RC-1
Tangy and ketchupy. Give it some time
Tin note : grassy, ketchup, vinegar, rose and citrus Flavour : when I first got this blend, all I got was ketchup and vinegar. Almost hated it. After letting it sit in the pouch for a month. The ketchup and vinegar note toned down a little and became a more rounded blend. It still falls toward the ketchup and tomato note but just not as much as my first few smokes. After giving it some time we get…hints of grassy notes, mostly overpowered by ketchup, vinegary notes, and get a lot of tomatoes and carrot notes. Has a lil bit of citrusy notes. But as I said earlier. A lot of tomatoes and ketchup. Is really sweet and savoury. We, also do get some stone fruits like raspberry, peaches and a lil mango. This tobacco can sometimes taste really fruity and tartly.Has very lil rough edges. The flavour stays quite the same throughout the bowl and is really strong. Even till the end of the bowl, there is still flavour. Room note : according to my friends. It smells good. Mechanics : it’s a ribbon cut. But it is very springy hence don’t push it too much and overpack it. Requires quite some light to get going. Requires couple of relights across the bowl. Not a challenging blend to smoke. Also not a really straightforward blend, mechanics wise. Tongue bite :It’s very hard to get tongue bite on this tobacco. Might get a lil wet so need to run a cleaner in the middle of the smoke to sort the gurgles. Summary : overall this is a really good tobacco. In the initial stages it really put me off and maybe all it need was a lil time to sit and maybe, air. However, I am not really a fan of ketchup. So I will give this 3 stars, particularly due to it not being what I really go for. 2 of my friends really loved it. One went to buy 2oz of this. Will I buy this again? Maybe. Verdict is 4 stars.

Hearth & Home - Fusilier's Ration 1.75oz
5 stars
Tin note : chocolatey, incense, fragrant, get some spices, cinnamon, cardamon. I also get a lot of soil, garden and muddy notes. Also some brewed coffee notes. The tin note really pulls you in. So, from the start you know you are into something good. Room note : tolerable. Since it’s Latakia blend, it can definitely ick some people off. From my experience, no one has complained while I smoked through this tin. Strength : a lil low past the medium, repeatable throughout the day. Tongue bites : no tongue bite, smokes relatively cool. Will get hot if you push it. Mechanics : it’s a crumble kake, though it’s easy to rub out and easy to light and keeps lit relatively well. Flavour profile : I get smoky, fragrant and incense like notes probably from the Latakia. But it does not completely take over the other components as there seems to be some floral notes which may be coming from the oriental. The Virginia comes through with its sweet, citrusy notes having hints of lime and orange, however I get a lot of grape and blackcurrant notes which may be from the Virginia. Personal notes : this blend really reminds me of my time in the national service in the army while I was 18. Reminds me of simpler times where I mostly smoked Latakia blends such as 965, nightcap, frog Morton, erinmore latakia supreme and Ashton artisan blend. This is generally what I would love to have in an English blend. Will I buy this again : yes! This tin has been an absolute joy to smoke! Ideally I would love to have atleast 2 of these at any given moment. Though I did not mean to age it for 5 years. Aging this blend for five years has been completely worth it!

Capstan - Ready Rubbed Yellow 1.75oz
Quality blend for quality price
Tin Note : when freshly opened. It smells like pineapple, which I usually get for pure Virginia tobacco. After letting it sit in a mason jar for a couple of days, we get some citrusy notes, caramel and some brown sugar. Flavour : sweet soury, savoury I would even say. I get some slight hay and earthy notes but definitely not as much as the citrusy notes. Smoking this blend reminds me of Ice lemon tea. No strong vinegar or ketchup notes detected. Tongue bite : right out from the tin, yes. After letting it sit in the jar, minimum tongue bite. Mechanics : really straight forward. Just pack and puff. Stays lit relatively well even in Singapore humid weather, requires a few relights. No drying time needed. Strength : medium to strong. Had a lot of time at work the whole day. Smoked four bowls of it and felt some nicotine sickness in the fourth bowl. Hence, repeatable but not an all day smoke. Will I buy this again : if I happen to be travelling and spot this I would grab 2 tins of it. Chances of me getting this online and shipping it to me is minimal as right now it retails to 19.63 in smokingpipes.

Hal O' The Wynd 100g

$25.00 $18.75