About Me:
A new pipe smoker

Peter Stokkebye - Mango
Very pleasant not overbearing smoke
The pouch note has almost no mango note. Once lit, the mango fruitiness is very consistent and light. not overbearing. Very smooth and mild

Cornell & Diehl - Apricots and Cream 2oz
very nice aroma - sweet
This is a very sweet aromatic, almost fruity like a mixture of dried fruits. Very sweet room note. Not a song blend at all, and almost no bite

Tampers & Tools - Czech Pipe Tool
A basic necessity
Everyone needs one. it is perfect, I keep one in my pipe stand. The quality is medium, but its better than looking for something sharp in the house like a paperclip to clean out the pipe.

Stands & Pouches - Tobacco Pouch Humidifier
I like my tobacco moist
Living in 75%-85% humidity, I still find that I like to keep a one of these in my tobacco. CONS: I didn't order enough! I suggest buying 2x of what you think you need

Pipa - Cherry Cavendish
A nice cherry aroma
Just the free corn cob pipe made this a great value. I also bough the vanilla one and find them to be very similar in flavor. The package I received was the same as the picture, but tearing it open, was the pipe and a foldable pouch to keep the tobacco nice and moist. Great value and a would make a nice gift to someone that is just getting into pipe smoking

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Bamboo Tamper
Amazing Tamper
This is my first tamper without the other tools connected on it. I love the little holes on it which lets me puff while tamping preventing the pipe from getting extinguished. I find myself holding my pipe in one hand and the tamper in the other. Tamping gently while smoking helps create an even draw which is very enjoyable and also reduces a lot of wastage. Just be careful not to smoke the tobacco until the bottom! Now I want to get the Tsuge tamper

Peter Stokkebye - PS315 Black Coffee
Very similar to Caramel Rush
The initial note is wonderful, very buttery and butterscotch like, very unlike a coffee, nonetheless pleasant. Burns good and long, and the light bits of tobacco are always pleasure for me. A sweet room note.

McClelland - Club Blends: CPCC Caramel Rush 50g
Smells wonderful like butter and caramel
Notes of butterscotch, and caramel overflow smell smelling the tobacco. Even kids want to eat it. Smoking is very different, it was a bit underwhelming as the butterscotch notes were not as prominent. Very little bite and a smooth draw

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Grasmere Flake
Very flowery scent
My first floral tobacco, and it is a real pleasure, I was a bit hesitant about smoking a potential "toilet bowl rose scent" but this is very different. It has a slight pleasant fruity aftertaste like a Stimorol chewing gum.

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