Esoterica - Dunbar 8oz
Prefer English blends
I have tried a number of Va/pers, and I don't buy into the hype around Esoterica. Stonehaven is good, but not great, too weak for me. Penzance is also good, but that one has an odd aftertaste, processed and flat. I have had Pembroke and Margate, both are fine but again, nothing to geek out over. Tilbury, wth? So when I found a tin of this at my local shop, I went for it, just because I may not get the opportunity again. But I didn't expect much. This stuff is fantastic. More flavor and complexity than any va/per I have tried. From one who smokes mostly English blends this was a delight, sweet and no noticeable spice from the perique, not that I mind it, just isn't needed here, guessing that is where some of the sweet comes from. And you don't have to play breathing acrobatics to nuance some magic from the blend. Lucky to have snagged a bag from SP, so I'll have more after the tin is soon gone. I guess they got at least 1 winner in the line up. :) E.


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