William H.

Cornell & Diehl - The Beast 2oz
Perique??? No
For over 50 years I have been smoking perique in my English blends and keep a stock of it on hand to add as a smoky spice. This stuff has zero attributes of perique and by the time it got blended with rum, cavendish, burley and God knows what else, the characteristics of perique have disappeared entirely. Perique is very limited in its availability and for it to be wasted in this concoction should be a crime. On top of everything else, at $136 a pound just think, it is more than Esoterica! Also, in my Dunhill 5 it is so hot I had to throw it away. Fortunately it is a limited edition - for the second time.

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader 50g
I have been smoking English mixtures for 60 years now so I have pretty well tried most of the big names. My favorites were by Dunhill but when they stopped making tobacco blends back in the early 80's I had to shop around. I was friends with Carl Ehwa so I smoked a lot of his of course. Anyway the subject of Squadron Leader and it's reputation must be based on earlier versions because this stuff is so mild it hardly has any taste whatsoever. Needs relights, smokes dry and cool but just a bland version of it's former self.

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