Kramer's - Father Dempsey
The Tobacco Abides
I am posting this as a updated review to one I wrote a year ago. I have smoked this at least once a day for the better part of a year, it is my top tobacco. So here is what I have learned of it. First I like to dry it a bit. I find it smokes cooler and dryer this way. It likes a bowl around 7/8th diameter or bigger. Burns cool and clean to the bottom with no relights every time. I would say this tobacco is spicier than PS Proper English but less spicy than 965. I love the level of spice because it starts out really dominate and then subdues and by the middle of the smoke a smooth rich smoke blends over it into the most amazing flavor experience. This is why I like it better than all other english blends I have had. It is complex and always showing a new flavor. Virginias are sweet always with the others giving sometimes dark chocolate, vanilla and cream. Never know when a new aroma or flavor will come through. Its so smooth that I get used to retroinhaling it aggressively. When I switch to some other tobacco I then end up coughing because they are so much harsher. The smell is devine. Room note is not harsh in fact my co workers love to smell the smoke when I am enjoying a bowl. It ages well and just never gets old. Just an amazingly well rounded english. I would love to know where all this complexity comes from because its sends me every time. Love at first smoke.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
Love this smoke
This is a wonderful full english. Complex and very full flavored with orientals that add a great back drop to the latakia. I just keep coming back to this because it never gets old or boring. Much better than 965 and more intriguing and very smooth, rich and lovely. Padre Dempsey knew is tobacco.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding
Wow what a plum
This is an amazing smoke. Very intriguing as the flavors mix and match and combine through the pipe. I get scents of confer followed by sweet rich clouds of pepper mingling amongst sweet savory wonder. It is very hard to not become poetical when smoking this because it is a complete joy for the senses. I disagree with other posts about difficult to light or keep lit. The kake is firm and needs to be broken with force. Dig in and break down a small hunk till it has the consistency of a ribbon cut that got compressed a bit. Load some large flakes in the bottom of your pipe and then some of the looser longer pieces on top. Compress it in the 1/3 by 1/3 by 1/3 method and don't be shy to tamp firmly. As long as the draft is not impaired much it will be fine. Take some of the fines and smooth off the top of the bowl and give it a nice charring light. Tamp and light again and it will stay lit till the bottom of the bowl. If you like complex latakia blends be prepared because this one changes draft to draft and bowl to bowl but is always a chorus of splendor in every way. This is at the top of my rotation. Very smooth and rich, never harsh.

Lane Limited - RLP-6
Like Smoking a nutty Latte
This is the best aromatic I have had. It burns well and provides a rich smoke with flavor of vanilla, carmel and chocolate with a nice nutty burley backdrop. I get hints of coffee as I work through the bowl. Just an overall great smoke. I prefer this over 1Q it has a far deeper flavor profile.