Charles C.

Lane Limited - BCA
Becoming King of Cavendish
I'm a veteran pipe smoker and I only smoke aros on occasion. When I do, just give me a good black cavendish. I tried this and couldn't believe the wonderful and distinctive vanilla flavor and how well this smokes. It's becoming a favorite quick. If you've never tried it I highly recommend it. Good for veterans and newbies.

Captain Earle's - Ten Russians 2oz
earthy woodsy rich smoke
Deeply rich and Smokey. Here’s the difference between Ten Russians and the other Capt Earle blends, This is less sweet. It’s earthy and woodsy. It’s not as complex as the others and that in itself is its own special niche. A simple smoke. It’s deep and Smokey and borderline bitter the way raw cocoa in a can is. You feel it in your chest. The nicotine is stronger than the other blends but calms down once the tin has been opened a while. I wouldn’t recommend this to a new pipe smoker. If you don’t respect the strength of this blend ten hairy thick armed Russians will pummel your ass.

Cornell & Diehl - Stovepipe 2oz
A sweetly rich surprise
Looking for a well crafted blend of top shelf Virginias mixed with Cavendish? Add a sweetness that's richly sweet and bright and you'll have a good idea of this profile.The burley takes a backseat and let the Virginias drive this one. A wonderful surprise from c&d and well planned. A wonderful richly sweet smoking experience.

Murray's - 1810 Belfast 1.75oz
Incredible! Fresh and Flavorable
I bought this after reading a review in a well respected magazine. It stated this blend is a combo of light, yet very flavorable tobacco. It holds its flavor through to the bottom. This is spot on and very true. Easy to pack. Burns well. Holds its flavor and is light, but very flavorable. A++

Cornell & Diehl - Gillingham Mixture
Not everything is a home run. I gave it one and half stars because it packs well. I've tried this in several pipes and it's the same, you wait for flavor that never comes. It's completely flavorless. Strange because it has my favorites components. I'm glad I bought an ounce to try rather than get stuck with a tin in the seller.