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McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 50g
I finally broke down and decided to see what the fuss was all about. The tin describes this mixture as "delicate and rich". I agree completely. There are subtle complexities here which compliment each other brilliantly without being overwhelming. It's well balanced, easy on the tongue when smoked slowly, and possesses a fragrant room note. This is a light English I will be purchasing again!

Lane Limited - TK-6
Nice aromatic.
Smooth. Cherry, but not *too* cherry. The burleys do their job here and keep it balanced. The wife approves of the aroma. I'd recommend giving this a shot.

Lane Limited - BCA
A great black cav!
I've been smoking this for years. Wonderful for an all day smoke by itself, or for mixing. No bite, and an aromatic note that gets me compliments from the wife and strangers alike. Highly recommended!

Ashtrays - Peterson Pipe Ashtray
My dad smoked a Peterson. Naturally, my first pipe was a Peterson. My pipe bag is a Peterson. My first kid was almost named Peterson (vetoed by the wife, unfortunately). And, of course, my ashtray is this particular Peterson. It's big - bigger than it looks on screen. And it makes a big, unapologetic statement to anyone within fifteen feet. Buy this ashtray.

Pipe Accessories - Peterson Brown Suede Combo 2 Pipe Tobacco Pouch
Great Bag!
I love this bag. Plenty of room for a couple of pipes, lighters, pipe tool and cleaners. Oh yes, and tobacco. Fits in my truck's center console, so if you have a 2007 Dodge Dakota - you're good. Doesn't look like a purse when I'm carrying it into my local B&M. Of course, if you're of the feminine persuasion you could probably pass it off as clutch or something. The main flap is actually magnetized, so opening and closing is easy on my arthritic fingers. The zippers work. Easy to get cat hair off also. I'd buy this again in a heartbeat.

Lighters - Kiribi Ohgi Black Matte
Wow. After award winning customer service, I found myself in the fortunate position of experiencing this Kiribi Ohgi lighter the way it's meant to be. Classic, good lines, great construction and performance... the manufacturer obviously didn't have Ray Charles overseeing the quality control this time. I actually find myself looking for reasons to take it out of my pipe bag and show it off. And when I do, it doesn't disappoint. Once again, I can't stress enough the phenomenal customer service that ensued after my first experience. just got a repeat customer.

Lighters - Kiribi Ohgi Black Matte
Dubious craftsmanship.
I can light my pipe with a 25 cent lighter, or a wooden match, if the wind is down. When I pay over $100 for a lighter, I'm not buying the flame - I'm buying style, class, a chance to impress myself and others with a bit of extravagance. And yes, I own lighters that cost three times what this did. When my Kiribi Ohgi arrived, I wasn't impressed with the glue showing outside around the casing, clearly visible to anyone looking at the two pipe tools. Casing, which, by the way, didn't even reach the top so light can be seen clear through the lighter. I was even less impressed when the glue I couldn't see on the inside turned loose and caused the casing to separate from the lighter on one side by a quarter of an inch - leaving two sharp edges to poke my fingers. And when I lit it repeatedly, I noticed that the flame level changed on its own accord. Later, I discovered this was because the flame adjuster on the bottom wasn't recessed enough, so handling the lighter is enough to unintentionally make the flame go from paper match to bonfire or vice versa. The flame adjuster was also off center. This didn't affect the length or quality of the flame... it just made it visually unappealing and reinforced my opinion that this "arrestingly retro", "cutting edge", "eloquent spokesman" of a lighter made with "impeccable construction" was hopefully not the one our wordsmith reviewer held in hand for inspiration. The best thing about this Kiribi Ohgi was the case it came in. I gave it to my eight year old daughter to play with and she seemed very impressed with the little magnetic flap and the Japanese characters. So, in the end, this purchase made at least one person in my family happy. My wife and I? Not so much; we work for our money. Forget holding it up to a beautiful stranger's cigarette. I'm donating it to our local crack house... if they'll have it.

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    Time for Another Churchwarden
  • ► I love my Vauen churchwarden. It's not in my regular rotation, but saved for special occasions and LOTR marathons. Although it came with two interchangeable stems, I've long since lost the short one.Your article perfectly describes how I feel when smoking my churchwarden, and with the cold weather arriving, maybe longing for another one myself. Great writing!