About Me:
Late 50's. Retired Naval Officer. Engineer. Smoking a pipe for a couple of years now.

Missouri Meerschaum - Great Dane 1.5oz
I have tried dozens and dozens of aromatic blends and had just about given up on them. Most smell spectacular in the tin or the pouch, but many taste horid, burn hot and scorch your tongue and leave a nasty aftertaste. Non-aromatics, VaPers and English blends were getting most of my smoking time. Then I tried Great Dane. All I can say is WOW!! The pouch aroma is absolutely DELICIOUS. Sweet cherry and chocolate and vanilla with a spicey smell too. I wanted to just eat it! Smoking it was just as yummy!! No bite at all, and you really can taste a delectable cherry, vanilla and chocolate blend. It's almost like an ice cream sundae, but it's light, non-gooey, and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste. This is the ONLY aromatic that I would buy by the POUND, and would even get rid of all my other aromatics. Since it's not available in bulk, I'm going to stock up 2oz bag at a time until I fill a jar! I can't even imagine that an aromatic smoker would not enjoy this. Try it!!!

Ashtrays - Glass Round 2 Pipe Ashtray
Solid Pipe Ashtray
I picked up a couple of these because of the great price and generous size. Thrilled with them! Nice and heavy so they're not blowing or getting knocked off of the tables I have in my outdoor smoking areas. Hold even my larger pipes (except for my gourd Calabash) and the cork knockers are well-cemented in. Perfect for my needs. Might pick up another for the garage.