Gregg R.

Old German Clay - Antique Tavern Belge (Black)
Great For a first time clay
For my birthday this year I purchased some Gentleman's Rum Vanilla along with this pipe. This is my first clay, having used briars and cobs in the past. I've been a pipe smoker for a few years and I've always wanted to try a clay. I picked this one due to the churchwarden dimensions and the price. And boy is it fantastic! It's not the pipe I'd take for a walk. Being a churchwarden it lends it self to a good lawn chair on the patio or driveway. Plus it has a very narrow stem that doesn't really work for clenching in one's teeth. And it's obviously clay and delicate. This pipe draws a very cool smoke, it brings all the flavor to the front, and it surprisingly handles wind quite well. After use, I clean the bowl with a slightly saliva-dampened paper towel and that's all I seem to need to do. I don't use pipelines on the stem because it's too narrow. Overall, a fantastic pipe. I'm quite happy with it, If you want to taste the booze in your boozy blends like Gentleman's Rum Vanilla, Lord Morgan or Orchard Mist, try them in a clay!

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