About Me:
I Have been smoking a pipe now for about eight months. I am fifty and decided to make my occasional hobby a steady one. I am an inventor and a veteran. I am also not big on being bored. My wife and I are also waiting for our tenth grandchild to be born. :)

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Royal 3.5oz
my first steady tobacco
I am going to start out by saying this will be my five star due to the combination of sweet, spicey, and a way of being nice and complex through the whole smoke. I return to this as my primary smoke no matter what aromatic I try. Now, maybe because I am a rookie to the pipe smoking world my palate leans towards the sweeter aromatic smokes. I find that most heavier English blends are a punch in the face. Plus they can wind up being a real one once my wife smells anything but my Royal. Plus, not only does my wife love the smell she calls "vanilla wafer", no one has complained to me about the room note. In fact a few friends of mine who chew tobacco have even tasted my Royal and loved it! If you are new to the pipe, give a try. If you do not like it send the rest to me.
    8 Facts About Pipe Making You Might Have Overlooked
  • ► While new to the pipe smoking world. I have come to appreciate the beauty of custom pipes. I understand the dedication to a trade as I was a mason for fifteen years, it took a five year apprenticeship to become a journeyman. Then another two years before you were considered competent! I can no longer practice as a bad back stopped me. But, my experiences gave me a deep appreciation for all tradesman, and pipe makers are one of the top. Thank you guys.
    How to Start Your Own Pipe Club
  • ► Excellent advice Andrew, here in Kalamazoo Michigan, I do not think there are any pipe smoking clubs. The ones that feature tobacco as the thing preferred to smoke in a pipe anyways. I am friends with a local tobacco shop owner and intend to broach the subject with him on my return from a trip to the north of New York. I am new to the pipe smoking world with only a year or so under my belt. The rich history of the pipe smoking world and of pipe crafting has been my pleasure to learn and enjoy. While my filet Mignon tastes have abused my hamburger bank account on occasion. Smoking pipes have been a constant source of information and wise counsel in the area of my pleasurable hobby. I hope to send a pic of my new favorite church warden: the "Wizard" from the Cobbit collection by Missouri Meerschaum. Thanks again.
  • ► You are welcome Jim, glad to help. Thank you for putting the link in for me.
    Pipe Lessons No. 65 and 66
  • ► I have to say, that is hilarious. I noticed no comments for quite awhile, but, I had to open my mouth. Uhhh... or keyboard. Along the same line as smoking things you should not be smoking. Be VERY careful when you have pets. The ability for a Jack Russell terrier to shed is legendary. The taste of a burnt dog hair is rather indescribable, but you will not be inclined to forget it. Salt and alcohol soon followed. Good tip. Thank you. Although a hair late for me.
    Top 10 Best-Selling Aromatic Tobaccos
  • ► Once again, great information that a rookie can pack into his pipe. I have now added 7 new tobaccos to my wish list and look forward to ordering some new ones this coming month. Sometimes old hands at pipe smoking forget that us newbies approach new tobaccos with some nervousness. After all we are still developing what we like and with the staggering selection of tobaccos available getting stuck with what I call: "last resort smokes," is not that fun. I have attempted to give some tobaccos away, it is with a lot of entertainment value that friends of mine who are dyed in the wool cigarettte smokers try my favorite blends. The faces they make told me how strong pipe tobacco is compared to other tobacco. Thank you again for good information Andrew.