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CAO - OSA SOL Lot 50
Couldn't agree more...
Really smooth, high quality and deceptively long lasting smoke for a small cigar. Areal treat. Cheers.

Savinelli - Essenza Cipriota 100g
Daily Smoker
This is the smoothest I've ever smoked. A strong tin note (almost like plumbers putty!). All that aside, a delightful smoke, start to finish. Smokes cool and the cut is easy to pack. Cheers.

Rocky Patel - The Edge Connecticut Torpedo
Great cigar
Don't shy away because this is 'lite,' just means you can smoke more in the same sitting. This really is a fantastic cigar in it's smell and taste. I can't get enough of this Edge lite. Cheers.

My Father - Flor de las Antillas Robusto
Fine cigar
Wonderful presentation, smooth cigar, gentle bite. This is a cigar I couldn't hope to stock because I'd go broke. If I had ten, I would smoke all ten in succession. There is a heady nicotine kick, but all around a very fine cigar. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Cheers.