Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River Rum Barrel Aged 2oz
I am a big fan of rum infused tobacco and this is one of the best. Smooth and delicious, it will only get better with age.

John Cotton's - Sweet English 1.75oz
A new favorite.
This a delicious all-day blend. It has excellent flavor and a wonderful top note of sweetness that is not over-powering. This in my regular rotation from now on.

Rattray's - Exotic Passion 100g
Great stuff!
This is one of my favorite aromatics ever. With a magical tin aroma and wonderful taste, it is particularly outstanding in my meers. I will always have some on hand.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear 2oz
This is a GREAT blend. A wonderful mingling of flavors that develop and deepen as you smoke. After my first bowl I immediately wanted another. I could kick myself for only picking up one tin. I sure hope it comes back soon. I plan on stocking up.

Cornell & Diehl - Epiphany 2oz
One of my favorites
This has been one of my go-to blends for many years. Tasty, consistent, and satisfying, it always hits the spot.

Amphora - Burley 1.75oz
A new favorite.
This blend is wonderful: excellent taste and aroma with a perfect moisture level. It is also slow burning. I plan to always have some on hand.

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
I have been a pipe smoker for 52 years and this is one of the very best English blends I have ever smoked. Absolutely superior.

Samuel Gawith
Spring Time Flake 50g

Currently Out of Stock