Arturo Fuente - Flor Fina 8-5-8 Maduro
Great construction just not a lot going on with the flavors. There's a sweetness that just seems like it shouldn't be there that I've noticed with other AF's as well and it's a not for my taste.

Padron - Maduro 3000
Consistent in every way
Padron's consistency never ceases to amaze me. Effortless draw with plumes of smoke. Ash holds on in thirds. Flavors of dark chocolate, a little earth, leather, sweetness, and spice.

Captain Black - Dark 1.5oz
good mixer
I usually add this to Prince Albert.

Samuel Gawith - 1792 Flake 50g
One of my favorite blends
Excellent tobacco, with strength, body, and a unique taste. The majority of the time I smoke this is in a clay, which just seems right. I bought a bunch of this a couple of years ago ,in tins and boxes, hoping to age half of it but I smoked all of it save one tin.

Rattray's - Highland Targe 100g
Nice Intro to Rattray
Made with quality leaf for a mild all day smoke.

Oliva - Connecticut Reserve Churchill
Flavors too mild
Good construction and burn, mild to medium in body, but for a 2 hr smoke and the price the flavors are just too mild.

Trinidad - Espiritu Series No. 2 Robusto
Dark, woody smoke
Tasting notes listed in the description are all there. Good construction, with a more open draw and razor sharp burn for a maduro. Ash held on an 1" at a time. This has some strength to it. If it wasn't for a meal before and drinking a sweet coffee during, I think my head would have been spinning. 1:10 smoke time. For the price I may try again but will definitely let them sit awhile.

Padron - Dámaso No. 12
My first premium Connecticut
Perfect construction with a razor sharp burn and mild flavors of sweet cream, cashews, cedar, and spice. A touch of strength at the end with the smoke lasting 1:15. I enjoyed the smoke and it introduced me to the Connecticut wrapper. Just a bit pricey so on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.

Padron - Natural 7000
Love Padron
Perfect open draw as with all Padrons. Construction was good having their classic, slightly rustic wrapper. 1st ash held on almost half the stick and the 2nd 2". The burn was uneven at times by more than a 1/2 " but the smoke was cool throughout. Flavors of Cream, coffee, and sweetness were at the front where notes of earth and leather played in the background. Just enough strength as with all the regular serie Padrons. A little over 2hr smoke time. No big transitions so may be a dull smoke for some but definitely worth the price if you like those core padron flavors and have the time.

Gran Habano - Corojo #5 Czar
First and last 66RG
The ring gauge was just too impractical for me but I had to try. Mild to medium flavors of earth, spice, coffee, and cream. The burn was all over the place for me which I gather is normal for larger RGs. Medium body and strength with a 2hr burn time. I understand that this is one of their most popular cigars and If you like large RGs with strength this is for you.

Curivari - Seleccion Privada Cazadores
Not bad
Notes of earth, wood, bitterness, and definitely subtle on the sweetness. Construction was decent with the ash held on 1 1/2" at a time but the wrapper began to come apart during the last third. I prefer a more open draw to this one but it's still smokable. Medium body and the strength was nearing full for me at the halfway point.

Gran Habano - Corojo #5 Churchill
Smoked to the nub
The construction was good with only three ashes during the smoke. The draw was just a little on the tight side for my taste. Medium in flavor with notes of earth, cedar, spice, and some sweetness. Medium to full in body. Medium in strength until the last third where it kicked into full. Smoke time 2 hrs

Macanudo - Portofino Cafe
Mild and consistent smoke
Light cigar with hints of almonds. Construction was lacking though and that does happen. There was a plug in the middle and I ended up cutting it in half which led to a more enjoyable smoke. Tasting notes were the same after the cut but with much better smoke output and stronger flavors. I may buy this one again and from the flavors I did get, am looking forward to trying the rest of the Macanudo line.

Arturo Fuente - Churchill Maduro
Not bad
Mild to medium cigar with a nice construction. first third was pretty sweet but after that it took a back seat. Decent flavors of spice, coco, and a little leather. Good burn with a pleasing aroma.

Arturo Fuente - Curly Head Deluxe Maduro
Too sweet
Loose construction, almost spongy but the burn was good with nice smoke output. Mild and cool smoke but The flavor was so cloying, almost artificial, and staying too long in the finish. I'm all for budget smoke but this ones not for me

Arturo Fuente - Brevas Royale Natural
Smooth, mild, and sweet
Good construction and smoke output. The spice and coffee were there but the sweetness dominated the smoke for me. Will try in maduro

Ashton - Classic Panetela
Too mild for me
The description for this cigar is absolutely spot on. The construction was good but the burn was wanky on the first and last third. Good aroma too. If you like very mild cigars, with a small ring gauge, and going for $10 a pop, this is for you.

Joya de Nicaragua - Antano 1970 Machito
Tight Draw
The construction was tight on the last two thirds of the cigar making for a harder draw. During the smoke the first third was pretty monotonous but it woke up after that with some nice flavors. Solid medium smoke. May try again

Don Pepin Garcia - Blue Lancero
Not bad
I've been on a small ring gauge kick and was looking forward to this one. Solid medium body and strength. Decent flavors with the leather really picking up at the end. Construction was good as well having a nice draw. Not a bad smoke, just for $10 there are better smokes out there even cheaper.

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 14oz
My first pipe tobacco
I bought a tub of this as soon as I was of legal age and years later, having tried all types of blends I still always have a fresh tub around. It's like very light lemon water, not that there's a taste of lemons in it, but rather having a clean and refreshing quality to it. I don't always want a flavor/strength bomb and thats where this shines. You do have to sip it but that never bothered me. It has a clean burn with no goop at the end. Hardly any relights and rarely a bite. I can smoke it all day, even multiple times with the same pipe. Tasty nutty burly thats great with coffee and has just enough strength to cure the itch.

La Aroma de Cuba - Original Churchill
Maybe I got a bad one
The first half was enjoyable with mild hints of coffee, coco, and spice. The body was mild to medium offering nice flavors on the retro. The construction was good at this point too having a nice draw. This would have been a nice mild to medium cigar but the last half was not quite as enjoyable. The flavor was dominated by woody notes making it monotonous and the draw closed at this point as well. On the plus there was some strength at the end which I always enjoy. Will try again

Gran Habano - Corojo #5 Lunch Break
Wood and some spice
It is a nice cigar, great construction with an open draw but it is pretty one dimensional in flavor. This is my first cigar with a corojo wrapper and I just wasn't into it. It was medium to full in body, and I did enjoy the retrohale throughout the smoke. At least a medium in strength lasting a solid hour for me. If you like Corojo this is a solid little smoke but not for me.

Padron - Natural Panetela
Much better in Natural
This offered a better variety of flavors than the maduro. Hints of cream, coco, and coffee. mild to medium in body and a nice open draw. Glad I finally tried it but for the price will stick with the 2000.

Oliva - Serie V Lancero
First half produced plumes of creamy smoke with hints of coco and pepper. Last half becoming darker but still smooth with hints of leather. Really enjoyed the retrohale on this one throughout the stick. Beautiful construction with an open draw. Lasted 1:15

Padron - Maduro Panetela
Never can go wrong with a Padron
Leather notes were pretty dominate with this one, reason for 3 1/2. Pepper was in the background throughout and some sweetness coming through in the first half. Medium body reaching full at the very end. As with all the cigars in the regular series, the strength make itself known around the last third. Nothing crazy, just a nice hello. Gotta love Padron's construction. Even with this small of a ring gauge it still had the classic Padron open draw throughout the cigar, giving the smoker more control of the burn. Cool smoke until the last couple of inches just need to slow down to counter the warmth. Ash lasted an 1" to 1 1/2" at time. Smoke time 1:20. Definitely prefer this to Cain's Lancero and look forward to trying this in natural.

Cain - F 738 Lancero
Earth, Leather, and a little Spice
Tasting notes in the description are all there and remain consistent throughout. Tight construction ,being a lancero, but it opened up at the halfway point. Ash lasted less than an inch at a time. Definitely medium to full body and strength. Lasted an 1:20 with about 3/4 of an inch left May buy again.

Arturo Fuente - Curly Head Deluxe Natural
For the price not a bad yard work stick
Smooth wrapper that had a nice sweet smell to it. Taste was mild and sweet with hints of cream during first 3/4. Last quarter there was a build up of bitterness but also a pepper on the retro, which I enjoy. Good construction with an open draw and the ash lasting over an inch at a time.

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