About Me:
I've been a pipe smoker for about 10 years and have been an avid pipe smoker since around 2010. I live in the carolinas and do most of my own cleaning and repairs.

Samuel Gawith - Black XX Rope 50g
NOT Timid
It packs a punch. Brazen in flavor, feel, and nic. Not a greenhorn's blend. However, it will help in learning a lesson that encourages slow smoking. I bought my 1st tin just before Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. The tobacconist that recommended it to me said, "Open this to let it breath a bit before you eat, then after the big dinner, go OUTSIDE. Bring a strong flavored drink like a stout, scotch or coffee, then SIT down, and smoke slow. Be sure you have nothing to do immediately after your smoke." Wisdom!

Newminster - No.31 Optimal Choice
Easy smoking, mild flavor, and little tongue bite make this one of my favorite blends so far. The room note is mild too. A good one to keep around.

Sutliff - SPS-35 Champagne
Very nice! Smoking it will be a pleasure for you and your friends. It smells great, has a nice mild flavor with a creamy mouth feel and little to no bite. The only reason I didn't give it a 5-star rating is because it knocked my shoes, but not my socks off. A great morning or all day blend.

Peter Stokkebye - PS38 Highland Whiskey
Good staple blend
Not bad. You won't be greatly impressed, but it certainly won't disappoint you. A good standard smoke with a little more going on than a straight tobacco blend. You'll like it. It's a little better than ok. If it were a beer, I'd rank it the same as a Killians (much better than Bud but far from a Guinness).

Peter Stokkebye - Cherry Bon Bon
Let down
This came highly recommended by a friend. I think they recommended it to me because they know I'm not too crazy about aromatics. This one is very light on the cherry and even lighter on the chocolate taste I was expecting. More smell than taste, I was quite disappointed in it. I recommend blending your favorite cherry with some of your favorite chocolate then thinning it out with your favorite light virginia and a dash of vanilla to create your own better tasting and better smoking version of what this blend's name implies.

McClelland - M40 - Rum Toddy
This blend has a great 1st and 2nd sip then it dies off really fast. It has some bite Because it had the word "toddy" in its name, I expected it to have a much richer and longer lasting flavor. It's not bad stuff, but there won't be any sonnets written about it. It's rapid flavor die-off and tongue bite is what cost it 2 stars.

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Rum & Maple
Not Bad
I like this blend a lot, but it's not my favorite Rum/Maple. The taste weakens as it's smoked, but some of it will still be there until almost the end. If you've read a lot of my reviews, you already know I'm not a huge fan of aromatics, so take that into consideration. It does smoke well and has very little bite. You'll get a lot of compliments from bystanders. As with all aromatics, beware of ghosts.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
One of the Best
Buy a lot. You're going to like it. This is among the best I've smoked. Keeps it's characteristics through nearly the entire bowl. Light, sweet, affordable and no bite, plus it looks really cool in a jar. A very well balanced blend that will make almost anyone very happy, including those around you.

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
No Nonsense
I prefer nonaromatics. This one has very little bite and burns very nice. Because of the cut, it can be packed really hard and with no need for technique. I like this straight forward tobacco and wish more types came in this cut. The only problem with the cube cut is it will fall out of the pipe easily. If you aren't careful you'll have stray burning coals on the floor and your shirt and lap. Be careful to keep the cubes in the bowl and enjoy the ease that comes with using this type of cut. A good choice to blend with another cut to provide a bit more airflow.

Newminster - No.23 Blackberry Brandy
Cobbler for your friends
VERY aromatic! Flavor fades rather fast after the 1st few sips. Will ghost up your bowl big time. Like most aromatics, it's definitely a smoke your company will love more than you will.

Newminster - No.17 English Luxus
Good English
I love this stuff. Easily compatible with more expensive englishes. Best for the buck. Maintains it's characteristics throughout the entire bowl. The only reason it didn't get a full 5 stars is because of it's tendency to stink up the room and leave a ghost in your pipe, but ghosts and stink are to be expected from most englishes. The flavor is fantastic!

No.17 English Luxus

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