Joel S.

Leaf - Leaf by Oscar Connecticut Toro
Very Good! Enjoyed this one on a rooftop in Indianapolis, IN. Great choice. Depending upon the cut you prefer, pull is consistent. No relighting required, Lol!

Arturo Fuente - Chateau Queen B
After reading some reviews, I try certain sticks. This particular review from "Outpost" (below) stood out. So I tried it. I'm very glad I did. This AF Cigar is GREAT! Even burn, good Smoke. This one is not overbearing...AT ALL! Smooth taste, very enjoyable. Now, I'd been carrying it to different cities that I travel with intentions to smoke. After my third city, I sat in front of a Fire Pit, kicked my feet up and had a great time. So, Thanks to Smoking Pipes for the packaging!

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