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Missouri Meerschaum - Legend 5th Avenue Straight (6mm)
Excellent Pipe
This is outstanding workmanship for a pipe. Plant the seed Grow the corn Harvest the corn Dry the corn cob for 2 years. Make the holes, cut the cob. Put in the finishing touches. Package the product and ship the pipe. ALL FOR $8.00 What a value!!!!!

Tobacco Jars - PocketJar Green
Perfect storage jar!
This is well thought out, I must have 15 tobacco pouches, they do not maintain moisture. This fits in your jacket pocket perfectly! Well made, throw you zip lock bags away. This is the product to use .

Missouri Meerschaum - Missouri Pride Straight (6mm)
7 years and counting!
I have many of the Missouri pride pipes. Theses are in my rotation, 7 years and they smoke incredible. Price and durability are outstanding. Work horse of a pipe.

Half and Half - Half and Half 1.5oz
Outstanding tobacco!
I have always smoked high end tobacco, After years of experimenting, I find this tobacco containing exactly what I enjoy. Half and half has a great room note, burns and packs extremely well.

Missouri Meerschaum - Huck Finn
Fantastic 15 min smoke
If you need a great 15 min smoke this is the pipe to use. The varnish (yellow) really sets off the look and feel of this great pipe. I smoke PS 41 cube cut, and it a perfect smoke every time. Great Pipe.

Velvet - Velvet 7oz
Outstanding delicious Tobbaco
I have smoke this blend for decades, always smooth, burns perfect, true velvet!

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
Perfect Tobbaco!
I wasn’t sure about this type of cut. This is magnificent, perfect, outstanding blend ! I will be a long time buyer of this blend. My NOW NEW EVERY DAY SMOKE! Thank you Smokingpipes for your service and products.

Filters & Adaptors - Medico Filters
Excellent Filters
These are the best filters. Keep moisture down, removes tars. Use these on my Missouri Meershaum Pipes. Cool smoke and clean.

Old German Clay - Flowing Fountain (Black)
Pipes Sherlock would smoke
When I received this pipe, I was disappointed. Surface cracked in the black finish, curved stem, not impressive to look at. I filled it with my favorite tobacco and wow, it smoked better than my brair pipes. I then bought more and the enjoyment is better than expected. Cool dry smoke is amazing. Easy to maintain. Takes you back in time. Smoking pipes has a great collection of clays. In fact smoking is keeping my hobby alive. Thank you

Missouri Meerschaum - Legend 5th Avenue Straight (6mm)
Fantastic Pipe
I own many briar pipes . This is a fantastic pipe, smokes cool, last many decades. I have corn cobs pipes that are 50 years old. They get better the more you smoke them. Please consider this pipe. Added comment , smoking is a great great company to buy from, service is excellent, people are great customer service.representative.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
Excellent English Blend
This is a pleasant surprise. Best English I have tasted in 40 years. Outstanding aroma, and taste. Thank you Smokingpipes for selling this outstanding blend.

Missouri Meerschaum - Ozark Mountain Bent (6mm)
Fantastic Pipe
This is a favorite pipe for me. I have many pipes in my collection, this smokes cool, great pipe to travel with. Price is unbelievable. You will not regret buying this pipe.

Sutliff - Christmas Spice
Truly Christmas Tobbaco
This is a excellent Christmas tobacco. Thinking of snow, fireplace and a excellent smoke. I have this in my daily rotation. Must buy for the holidays.

Sutliff - 150 Mark Twain
Fantastic taste, excellent smoke
I never buy 8 oz of Tobbaco without trying it first, I did with this tobacco based on excellent reviews. I was pleasantly surprised. Creamy smoke, great flavor, moisture content was perfect. Sutliff makes a great product. This is a 5 star blend. This is in my rotation if blends.

Missouri Meerschaum - Riverboat Gambler
Classic gentleman pipe
This is a beautiful pipe. Classy, beautiful finish on the bowl and stem. Brass on the shank. Smokes great. One of a kind . Perfect for Christmas smoking .

Solani - Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g
Square tin 2015 unopened
I have 8 tins in my cellar, these were the square tins, I dated them . I opened one just now and smoked one bowl. This was the most incredible smoke I have experienced in 50 years of smoking a pipe. Incredible taste, the age obviously added so much to the taste, aroma. Put some away when you buy this. Burley ages incredible.

Sutliff - Duke Albert
Excellent supreme Tobbaco
I am totally surprised, I bought 2 oz when price Albert was no longer available. I was so glad I tried this, I now have over a pound of it and will buy another . It has much higher quality tobacco than the prince , longer cut, ribbon cut. My go to every day smoke. Do your self a favor, order 1 oz You will buy more, much more!!! Sutliff has incredible excellent tobacco. Also try mixture 79 it is outstanding excellent tobacco.

Sutliff - #600 Mixture 79
If you dislike this blend stop smoking a pipe!!!
This is for professional pipe smokers, people who understand, the various taste and aroma of tobacco blends. This is a mild truly good smoke . I know my blends, I am a master blender of Tobbaco, owned 4 pipe shops , have smoked and blended more tobacco than you can imagine. You don’t have to dissect this blend, and write bad reviews on something you know nothing about. I have 50 years of experience. Problem with this society, everyone knows everything with nothing to back it up. For me this is a wonderful blend, taste is excellent, burn rate is great. For a blend like this to be popular for decades and a company like sutliff to build a factory to make and support this blend is a testament in its excellent formulation of this blend.

Missouri Meerschaum - Missouri Pride Straight (6mm)
Best corn cob pipe
I have extensive pipe collection, briar from all over the world . I go to my pride on a daily smoke. Light weight, porous, smokes fantastic. UPDATE: It is now November 4, 2022 This is my favorite pipe. I just ordered 3 more and received them, out of the box, these pipe’s delivered the most fantastic smoke. I have dunhills that are over $1,000.00 dollars. This pipe costs $4.99, ? How is it possible I get more satisfaction out of of $4.99 pipe.! These cobs are incredible.

Granger - Granger 7oz
Excellent size container
I never tried this tobacco because I did not want to invest in a 12 oz tin. Now the 7 oz was designed and the cost is more affordable. Great tobacco. Smooth, no bite, great everyday blend. Great idea

Half and Half - Half and Half 7oz
Outstanding otc blend
This is a smooth outstanding blend, burns perfectly, popular all over the world. I have smoked this for 25 years. This new 7 oz container is a great idea, convenient when traveling. Great price! All in all a great tobacco!

Pipe Accessories - 2 Pipe Bag Black Vinyl
Best case for the price
This is perfect case, sturdy, well made. My favorite case.

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 1.5oz Pouch
Fantastic tobacco
I smoke the most expensive tobacco available. I still smoke this as my standby. This is a classic , burns slowly, great taste. Forget it is a otc, it burns on the first match. Taste is wonderful. I smoke this in my Missouri Meerschaum’s And it is a great smoke.

Solani - White and Black - 763 50g
Fantastic Blend
This is now my everyday smoke. Sweet Virginia, Latakia is Syrian. Great taste. Will order more at once.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Balsa Filters (100 Count)
Superb Quality
I have used these filters on my savinelli pipes, and my corn cob is pipes They are excellent for removing excess moisture. These are the best on the market.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Bamboo Tamper
Fantastic tamper
Great price, functionality fantastic. Durable, its real product. Buying more:

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil 18ml
I have 2000 plus pipes, 1700 are vulcanite bits, I have battle this problem for years, until now. I use it every time I smoke a pipe, it keeps bits like new. Bought 6 bottles in reserve, what a incredible product. 50 percent of my pipes are dunhills , you know they need constant help... This is 5 star, I cannot get the stars to work? Please fix,

Velvet 7oz

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Peter Stokkebye
PS41 Cube Cut

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Velvet 1.5oz

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Presbyterian 50g

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Blend for Cary Grant

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Father Dempsey

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Christmas Spice

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Velvet 12oz

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Granger 7oz

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Granger 12oz

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#600 Mixture 79

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Half and Half
Half and Half 12oz

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150 Mark Twain

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Revelation Match

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Troost Match

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Duke Albert

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