About Me:
I enjoy the relaxed feeling I get from pipe smoking. I prefer bent pipes. Enjoy trying different blends and brands of tobacco.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Total Blowout
I've only been smoking a pipe for 8 months or so and went through all the usual search and find routines trying to find that one blend that I could consider my #1 go to. I based all my choices on others reviews and when seeing all the great ones for 1Q I decided to go for it. The first 2oz. sample was fine so I went for 8oz. and that too was fine, then I decided to go all the way and buy 1lb. to last me a month. After smoking about 2 or 3 oz. this tobacco went totally flat, no taste at all. It was like smoking hot air. I don't know, maybe it's just me but most of the people smoking this stuff have VERY sensitive taste buds or I don't have any at all.

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