Matthew H.

Dunhill - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
Nice Virginia, Nice Pepper Note
I'm really enjoying this blend. I can taste the dark Virginia, has a nice raisin note, and I quite like the peppery finish from the Perique. Somewhat reminds me of a mild peppery cigar, at least for me. Would prefer maybe a more coarse cut like shag or even a flake. The ribbon will likely dry quickly in the tin.

Arturo Fuente - Flor Fina 8-5-8 Natural
Mild, but satisfying
I found this to be a fairly mild cigar in both flavor and strength. Great burn, great construction. A nice little sweetness like milk chocolate, and loads of tobacco and hay aroma. Would buy again.

McClelland - Matured Virginia: No. 22 100g
Very surprising!
Thought I would try this since my regular is hard to find. Glad I did!

Peter Stokkebye - PS52 Proper English
Great English blend
This is a perfect blend for all day smoking. It's quite light, which is nice for a daily smoke. There's a hint of sweetness from the Virginias, and it's really pleasing. Highly recommend.

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