Justin D.

BriarWorks - Bacon Old Fashioned 2oz
Not what I had hoped for
On paper it sounds great but the combination just doesnt click, its like you taste the worst of every ingredient. Not for me at all and I am giving away the rest of the jar, giving an extra half star for the cool self sealing jar and good artwork. Sad when thats the best thing about it

Lane Limited - Crown Achievement 1.75oz
I certainly dont think Lane is kidding when they say they chose the finest tobaccos because the ones in this mixture really did taste like premium choices. I would also agree with Doug R.'s assessment that its improved with a little age. My subsequent smokes after having the tin sit for weeks or months after opening only improved my experience with it. While I wouldnt say the flavor changed it meerly seemed to increase its positive attributes and decrease the negative ones. I thought its unique flavor was very consistent and didnt change hardly at all throughout an entire bowl and boy did it smoke well burning down all the way to nothing. If you think you'll like whats in the blend then definitly give it a try and for me its something to work into the rotation when I am in the mood or to change stuff up. While I wouldnt call it the strongest or a super heavy smoke its definitly not light and past medium as to its strength. Nothing to be afraid of and as I said the best way I can sum it up is to testify that it did seem like a bargain for how good the tobacco was compared to the price of the tin. Beautifully presented in appearance too. The room note I did not think was pleasant and my wife agreed so I would have to disagree with that notion. While my personal pallet really likes this one and thinks its a very unique blend that taste unlike anything else I have tried its also one I am just not in the mood for often. There is no way I would keep a lot of it on hand to age or go through tin after tin like I do my favorites but I would like to always have at least a tin or two and if I found out it was going away I may get half a dozen and that would last me the better part of a decade for as little as I crave it.

Lane Limited - Hazelnut
My new favorite mild aeromatic, unlike anything else I have tried
This has an understated nuttiness but pleasing flavor and I think by naming it Hazelnut they hit the nail on the head. It had utter consistency and produced a good amount of smoke. I found if I left a bowl unsmoked for 45 minutes or several hours the flavor didnt really change but if anything improved but man did it billow out the smoke after sitting. More than anything else I have seen or tried. Room note was pleasant but not over bearing and it definitely is not a sweet aromatic but rather a flavorful one, even if its just one, well balanced consistent flavor its one I cant seem to get enough of. I didnt get any bite or tounge burn but have only smoked it in thick walled pipes and it seems to smoke pretty cool and stays lit well. It gives a nice dose of nicotine that can sneak up on you as mellow and easy as this is to smoke though. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends who are new to pipe smoking as I dont see how anyone can find this one offensive.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
Dry, Lots of Smoke, Good Flavor
I didn't have a wet smoke like others did, I rubbed out the disk and didn't allow time for drying at all. My Yashtylov smoked it beautifully. Nice consistent flavor, just the right amount of spice and not over bearing at all. Mine smoked with a lot of smoke and burned well. A definite recommend.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Regular
Dynamic Flavor
What a well put together blend. Taste great and it smoked well and thoroughly. I may have smoked it a bit too fast as I got some tongue burn and a little bite but what a solid performer. I look forward to getting better acquainted with it and it may make it into my regular rotation.

McClelland - 710 - Colombian Mocha
Not a Fan
The positives are pretty limited with this one. It was kind of smooth and the aroma was nice. Past that it didn't stay lit as well as most, didn't have an espically enjoyable or bad flavor to me, I tasted no chocolate and if there was a coffee flavor it was bad coffee but the flavor was more neutral than anything. It did have some bite and burn and is something I will not be smoking anymore. I tried it in several pipes and moods to make sure it wasn't me and it wasn't. I definitely would never recommend this one.

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Rum & Maple
Consistent and Smooth
Great flavor and I found it to be consistent all the way until the end. The flavor didn't start strong and fade as some aromatics but remained constant and this tobacco epitomizes smooth as much as any. I'm definitely always keeping some of this around. The only thing that would make it better is a personal preference for more flavor. I like an aromatic that punches you in the face occasionally with flavor.