Brett D.

Cornell & Diehl - Granulated Perique
Great Tobacco!
This is one of the only blending tobaccos that I have ever truly enjoyed smoking pure. For background I enjoy strong cigars so my palate is not shocked by this perique. The two bags that I have purchased were both very uniform in the size of the cut. Both also were a little more moist than I prefer but 20-30 min. spread on paper cured this. The taste of this perique at first light is as strong as the most potent cigars that I have ever smoked. It has an awesome (at least to me) combination of spice and sweetness. After the first 5 min. I get used to the power and the sweetness and cool burning trick me into thinking that this perique is not that strong. I have learned from experience to draw slow and even on a pipe of this perique to get the best flavor. By about the half-way point in most pipes I begin to feel the creeping vitamin N.... not in a bad way but enough to slow my smoking pace a bit. The flavor as this tobacco is smoked does not change much and by the end of a pipe my palate is adapted to the power and the flavor is easy to pick up. I am not an expert but I would call it a thick sweetness with some pepper and fruit notes in the background. All in all this is great for smoking as-is or for blending. If you are on the fence about wanting to try it straight -- go for it! Just start with a small bowl and take it slow. BFD

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