Daniel H.

Ashton - Gold Rush 50g
Pleasantly Surprised
I bought this at the beginning of my " try every pipe tobacco on the planet " phase, which I am still in if I'm being honest with myself. It's a nice smooth meduim body Virginia, that leaves just a tiny hint of of something sweet on my palate. I can't taste any lemon or citrus which makes me happy. I suppose I thought this blend would be boring, but it has a nice flavor.

Humidification - Brigham PG Pre-Mixed Humidor Solution 8oz
Works Great
I'm a pipe smoker who occasionally cheats on his pipe with a cigar. I used this humidor solution to set up a new glass top humidor I recieved for Christmas, and it produced great results. Along with a shot glass of distilled water, my newly gained item of obsession was sitting pretty at 70% humidity in two days. It's held exactly at 65% since then which is perfect for my smokes. I've learned a bit from you cigar guys, and pay less attention to the hydrometer and more to the actual smokes.

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