Kevin I.

Cornell & Diehl - Oak Alley 2oz
Nothing else like it.
Wonderful, no nonsense blend with notes of raw wheat grain. The subtle, natural sweetness of this tobacco is outstanding. No 'added' over the top flavors are detected in this blend. I've been smoking Oak Alley for over a year, and it has yet to become tiresome. Truly a beautiful, relaxing smoke.

Tampers & Tools - Vauen Pipe Tamper
Must have accessory
Well engineered tamper. Love the sharp edges on the top and bottom of the tamper. Very useful for light reaming and quick cleanup of the bowl. The built in pick is useful. Glad to have this excellent tool as part of my smoking kit.

Mac Baren - Modern Virginia Flake 50g
Sykes Wilford of Smokingpipes...
...described this blend as light, sweet, and charming. I too agree. I would have never thought a tobacco blend could pair so nicely to a hot cup of apple cider on a chilly winter's evening. (Don't laugh until you try it!) Only a blend that is this charming, and might I add this whimsical can pull off this pairing. A blend for the senses that can be enjoyed almost anytime.

G. L. Pease - Sixpence 2oz
It's that good.
A welcome blend with notes of allspice. Enjoyable anytime.

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