Nording - Hunter Blend: Labrador 50g
Nice taste good burn
I do not often buy tins since beyond my budget but I do treat myself every so often glad I did on this one. I use to be a Aromatic smoker ,but been going with Non aromatic for while . This caught my eye read the reviews , thought why not .You should to .not over bearing ,Mild tasting, but is there with no bite hard to describe just if your thinking of buying it do it . I cannot afford buying many tins so when I say I will buy this one again instead of trying another .is a high rating

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
mix it with dry stuff
1 stars are right if used straight from the tin It is wet sticky will destroy any Pipe exactly why I bought it. Living in TX leave a few bags of Tobacco open with air conditioner on by accident will suck the moisture out in few hours . So put few pinches of this in stir well and you got your dry stuff back. No Joke This will destroy your pipes straight from tins. my first try /I opened the tin it reflected light off the tobacco was so wet. mixed thought may be little more , OH NO had add more dry , this is great for the cheap drug store stuff you get by the pond throw a tin of this in stir it in wham you got a 45.00 pound flavor bag of the good stuff. My next order going by 5 cans maybe 10 just to have on the shelf this is it is such garbage but great flavor mixer LOL

Grand Croupier
Jack Pot

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Three Sails 16oz

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