About Me:
Auto Finance mgr. Smokes pipes since 1986 at Univ of OK. 1st pipe was Ascorti Business rusticated bent billiard bought at Tinder Box in OKLA. CITY.

Lighters - IM Corona Old Boy Chrome Pinstripe
The perfect pipe lighter
I have owned this pipe lighter with the angled flame for four years now and it has been perfect. Superior to the Dunhill lighters I have owned and a hell of a lot less money! Update: after six years of having this Corona Old Boy lighter as a companion, this little gem has still not disappointed! When I light up my pipes, I know this Old Boy will be there to give me the lighting service that is was made to do.

Comoy's - Cask No.11 3.5oz
Exquiste balkan blend
Delicious Balkan blend. Medium but tasty and satisfying. The Turkish has a slight forward flavor, anchored by the subtly sweet Virginias and smoky Latakia. Love the can it is packaged. Highly recommended. Been smoking a lot of Dunhill's Aperitif. This has a bit less Oriental. Will order more of this stuff.

Dunhill - Aperitif 50g
Aperitif with some Cognac
Nice mellow English blend that never disappoint bowl after bowl. I smoked this back before it was discontinued and the flavor is the same as I remember it. It doesn't overpower you yet gives a satisfying smoke. I enjoy this blend with some Cognac and Perrier on the rocks as a classic favourite aperitif. Highly recommended.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton on the Town 100g
Modern classic English blend
This blend is so good, it's a modern classic rivalling the Balkan Sobranie original. Classic English blend with a tease of sweetness that I keep coming back to it after having burnt out by another blend. Try this stuff!! I've smoked it since the 90's and started smoking again since last year and quality is still superb. SMOKE THIS STUFF!!

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
Smoke like the old Dunhill standard
Smokes like the old Dunhill Standard Mixture. That's a big compliment. That Dunhill standard was the standard in my book before they start making it outside of England. This stuff is addictive: definitely classic English, Latakia based mated with the usual Perique, Orientals and VA in varying dosage to provide a medium yet full bodied smoke. Highly recommended. I need to stock up on this blend.

Rattray's - Red Rapparee 50g
Nolstagia for the college days
I smoked a shit load of this stuff in college back in the 80s in Norman, OK. Bought it at the Tobacco Barn at Sooners Fashion Mall. Bring back fond memories. Taste the same: Latakia based, medium, slightly tangy and sharp but a steady all-day English, or in this case, Scottish. Reliably satisfying tobacco like a nice worn pair of jeans. Try some, give it a couple of bowls; you won't be disappointed.

Castello - Old Antiquari 2oz (2015 Vintage)
Another favorite
I love Latakia, but in a mellow quality because they can be overpowering. To put in a percpective, I've been smoking Frog Morton On the Town, Rattray's Red Rapparee, Blue Mountain, Dunhills, 3 Oaks..really anything that has a mellow taste with Latakia as a base. I just can't get into Virginia too much. Gives me a headache. Anyway, this Castello Old Antiquari is simply delicious. Definitely give it a try. Mellow yet complex with a smooth creamy finish. Hope fellow smoker Timothy S. try this blend after having read he gave Blue mountain a second look and liked it.

McClelland - Collector: 3 Oaks Syrian 50g
I've found it!!..
Masterful balance of Orientals and Virginia on a firm foundation of Syrian Latakia to produce a strong, flavorful yet refined and smooth smoke. Tobacco burns a fine white ash. Absolutely wonderful. I thought my favorite was Frog Morton On the Town...then Blue Mountain......Now this... McClelland can blend some satisfying tobaccos. Bravo.

McClelland - Balkan Blue 50g
Balkan Sobranie 759 revisited
I feel sorry for the reviewer Timothy S. I find this blend highly intoxicating, even better than my former favorite, Frog Morton On The Town. I couldn't wait to go home from work to smoke this addictive stuff, like a baby sucking his favorite milk bottle. Full bodied, depth and latakia, enjoy with a Cognac or Grand Marnier and you'd think you're in nirvana.

Collector: 3 Oaks Syrian 50g

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Balkan Blue 50g

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Red Rapparee 100g

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