Pipe Accessories - Peterson Deluxe Leather 1 Pipe Bag
Ideal Case
A perfect, stylish case for on the go while you're waiting in your car or elsewhere. It is made of an attractive dark chocolate colored leaver, and has everything you need for brief jaunts. A fulsome pocket for accessories like tobacco, another for the basic pipe needs like tamper and lighter and another pocket, of course, for your basic pipe, although it probably won't accommodate your Nording very well. I keep this case at the ready all the time (the tobacco compartment will hold over an ounce of tobacco easily and is latex lined and fastens with a pair of magnetic snap buttons). I keep a tamper and Bic-type lighter in the accessories zip pocket, and an ounce of Charlemain tobacco, with a billiard in the pipe compartment. A perfect companion.

Stands & Pouches - Peterson Classic 2 Pipe Bag
Fine Way to Carry Pipes
Heavily cushioned in rich leather with the Peterson logo stamped on the cover, this is a fine, stylish way to transport your pipes (2) along with accessories, like your tamping tool and a Zippo lighter, along with anything else you might need. The pipes go on one side, with separate straps on the right, the left half of the case for the accessories. I use mine for a tamping tool, spare flints, and of course a spare Zippo. No tobacco container, but I prefer to store my tobacco elsewhere anyway, in a separate pouch. (The Brebbia old-styled pouch is ideal for this, see my other review for that particular item.) The accessories strap could be a little tighter, but that's for my particular uses, and you could have others. Padding is comfortably thick, with a durable zipper. This is the best carrying pouch I've come across, and is priced just right. Try it, I think you'll like it.

Stands & Pouches - Brebbia Tobacco Pouch
A Fine Pipe Pouch
Here's a fine, unusual tobacco pouch, a nice departure from the wallet/envelope style pouches. Instead, this leather pouch draws its inspiration from the Old World method of carrying and storing small amounts of tobacco for your pipe. What is not clear from the photos here is the base of the pouch, which is round and flat, rather like a golfing bag. The base allows the pouch to stand up straight, which is helpful when you are actually filling your pipe. It's just the right width (about 3 1/2 inches in diameter) to accommodate the pipe bowl while you are filling it, without dropping tobacco outside onto the surface of your table or desk. The pouch itself easily takes an ounce or more of tobacco, and has a drawstring to close the pouch. If the drawstring ever breaks, you can easily replace it with a shoestring (which indeed it resembles) or better still, if you want to retain the Old World style, a leather thong easily available from a shoe store or sporting goods shop. For extra security, there is a snap close to entirely close the pouch, although this is not an airtight closure, but enough to keep tobacco from spilling out. (You would need a zipper for that.) It is ideal for storing small amounts of tobacco on your desk or side table, enough for a day or two supply of your favorite tobacco. To help insure freshness for your day's supply of tobacco, there's a latex lining inside the pouch, which is about 4 1/4 inches high, although this might present a problem with those who are allergic to latex. Lastly, there is a ring attachment--the type of ring that snaps open and close--for attaching it to other items, although it's too small to attach to a belt. However, I can see how the ring might be helpful in attaching it to camping equipment or clothing, or something similar. A very unique pipe smoking item for someone who likes old-style items. I keep mine on my desktop next to my pipe and ashtray, where it looks great as well as being functional. A unique accessory to your pipes.

Tampers & Tools - Brigham Red Pipe Tool with Oval Foot
Superb Tool
This a magnificent tool and accessory for your pipe needs. The photos show what you get, but when you actually hold it, you know you have the best possible companion for your pipe maintenance requirements. The tamping end, for instance, is actually oval shaped, unlike other, cheaper tools. The reaming blade, with its serrated side, is ideal for both performing minor reaming and scooping out dottle. What impressed me in particular was the shape of the tool; its slightly wider end opposite the tamping end, is broader to provide extra weight for tamping. It also provides a very tactile heft in your hand. You can feel the extra weight this provides for centering your tamping, and it does an excellent job of this. It makes wonder how you ever could have used those cheap $2 tools you find in most smoke shops. Add to this what appears to be a matte brushed steel body, with its red and black scales, and you have not only a very functional tool, but a very attractive one that will have everyone asking "What is that?" With the exceptionally low price, you simply can't go wrong with this item. I have spent more on a simple jackknife at K-Mart than this tool. In fact, I plan on getting another one for traveling. Well worth having.

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