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Re-tyred [not, retired] to enjoy a growing family of grand-children, and re-discovery of a long-dormant pleasure in the pipe!

Lane Limited - HG-2000
Lane Ltd HG-2000
My tastes have grown (matured?) over more than 40 years and I'm not ashamed to say that nowadays I increasingly relish finding subtle traits in a pipe-full much more than the obvious up-front 'strong' notes! I enjoy a hearty Latakia blend, but (nowadays) balance this with the gentleness of some of the 'non-confrontational' aromatics that now abound. HG-2000 has some very subtle nuances that only emerge after 5-10 minutes of gentle 'conversation.' Its not a blend that will "blow your socks off" - but why would a thinking briar-person want THAT? Slightly nutty/vanilla in the first third of a bowl and then a new faint sweetness as of slight caramel [dark chocolate?] in the second third of the bowl. Presumably a fair burley content is the reason it remains cool in the last third - NO BITE - and produced good, thick smoke for me right down to the modest dottle [in a Peterson Dublin 999]. It's a pleasurable blend with it's own innocuous 'character.' A bit like a refreshing glass of spring-water that cleanses the mouth!! Try it, and remember it's a subtle tobacco.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
Ah! Pancakes and maple syrup!
Enjoyable. I am a devotee of pancakes, maple syrup and ice-cream! This tobacco is pleasant to my palate, nice in the room, but (regrettably) lacks ice-cream as it comes from C&D!! The sugars/flavouring are nicely "maple" without being over-the-top. Nice on the back-patio (and, back-palate) in the deepening twilight. As with any 'gentle' tobacco, don't force it otherwise it may bite unpleasantly!

Cornell & Diehl - Milk & Honey: Halav U' Duash 2oz
A fair tobacco - mild, but be careful
Almost no 'flavour' though the aroma is gentle. Disappointed with first few bowls - but a little drying time and the subtle smoothness was apparent. Be careful - don't try and over-smoke this one. Tongue-bite will leap out at you!! Be gentle with it and it will gently satisfy.

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