About Me:
24 year old collage student in Fayetteville, Ar. I love Jesus and people. When a pipes in my hand the conversation get deep. I love connecting with people over a smoke on the back porch and sharing pipe knowledge with others. I'm also starting to create my own hand made pipes.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Not My Favorite
I smoke a fair amount of English blends but for some reason this one is hard for me to enjoy. I really wanted to like it but theres just something about it that keeps me from wanting to finish a bowl. I honestly don't know why I don't enjoy it and the only reason I can give for my dislike is simply "I don't really like it." Im big on getting into tobaccos that have a good story and history behind them but this one isn't my cup of tea. I definitely recommend trying it (as you should any tobacco regardless of the reviews) because it seems everyone loves it, but its not for me.

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