Comoy's - Cask No.7
I do not taste any sauce, which is a good thing...not exactly LBF imo
I have just tried the cask #7 for the first time this week, wondering if, by the description, it was just P. Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake (with or w/o sauce/topping) in different packaging. If there is a "slight aromatic topping" as suggested in the description, I do not taste it. In my opinion, after learning that there are not too many companies that have the type of machinery necessary to produce these types of "coins." After a side by side comparison with LBF, I believe that these are more than likely made in the same facility as LBF, but seem to be generally darker in color overall, and seem to have a little more of a perique "kick" and flavor than LBF. A little less sweet (virginia) and a little more spicy/peppery/plummy, but using identical tobaccos as LBF. The cavendish center also seems to be identical. I may not be as experienced of a pipe smoker as some of the other folks on here, but I do have a very seasoned palate, working as a chef in my younger years. If I had to choose one or the other, I would choose both. They are very similar, but on days where I want more "sweetness" I would choose LBF, and on days where I want more perique (it is only slightly more), I would choose the Comoy's Cask #7. This review is written after tasting both tobaccos in their "fresh" state. I will update after they age side by side for the same amount of time in the same conditions in the future. To wrap up... being a huge fan of perique, I will probably puff on the Cask #7 slightly more than LBF in the future, just due to what I believe is a higher perique content, or whatever they are doing to add that extra kick. I am interested to see what others have to say in their reviews, but unless my taste buds are failing me, I believe this has been mistakenly listed as an aromatic. If it is "sauced" it is done so lightly that I am not tasting it. The cavendish center is the only "flavoring" that I experienced in this overall good VA/Per/Cav blend. .

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