Kuan-Lin L.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding
Land mine !!
I wonder how a English blend lover can like this....This is really a land mine. I am wordless. I buy 16 oz and give it all away after having two bowls.

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
Hard to find a replacement. It is in my daily rotation list with Penzence. But dont be misunderstanding, it's character is distinctive with P. P is older, but not as changeable and vivid as Artisan. It is thick but not harsh, spicy yet creamy, full of Lat strength but not been knocked out, somehow bitter but sweet, which reminds me a hint of black java with milk and brown sugar. It is unbeatable!!! A must buy !!

Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River
It is a VP blend (continued)
The club did say it is a Virginia blend. I thought it is an English when i saw the magic word Latakia.

Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River
It is a VP blend
This blend is highly recommended in pipe tobacco communities. It's hard to buy, so I bought 16 oz Mississippi Mud(yes, it should be renamed because it left gunky and sticky thing on my pipe, too much casing? sugar? I believe) when i got the chance. It contains Oriental/Turkish(??), Virginia, Perique and Latakia, but don't be misguided. It is not an English. I have to say this blend is not my cup of tea. I have expected a mellow and silky texture and a full body such as Penzxxxx or Margxxx from the blend, however it broke my dream. It is more like an improvement of V+P blend rather than "ENGLISH" blend. The blender must be a VP freak! Yes, when we say "ENGLISH", it has to be Latakia! Hello! Anybody there?? Very regretfully, I only taste a slight HINT of Latakia and Oriental is not existed at all. From a view point of VP blend standard, yes, it is good. But for English, more Latakia and Oriental and less Perique and more aging is expected. For a moment, I thought I was smoking a bowl of aged Golden Slice, and to be honest, I hate VP and straight V. But i have to admit that this blend is a good VP. Definitely not a good ENGLISH!! Yet it is not the pipe club's fault, the type of blend is not mentioned. Meanwhile it is the club's fault because it did not mention the type of blend. I myself was misguided to believe it is an English. My fault too, but i still give it a "not recommended" star. Finally do not totally believe forum rumors....and dont buy too much before trying new things. If you are a VP smoker, you may like it. If you are an English believer, DON'T ever think about it!!!

Newminster - No.17 English Luxus
Best Latakia+Burley
Very nutty, very delicious, very stable flavor. Easy burn and little moisture. I love it! The quality is far beyond the price should provide.

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