About Me:
live in S.Korea.

War Horse - Green 1.75oz
like peppermint tea
what a great blend it is!

Rojas - Street Tacos Barbacoa Toro
beautiful cigar
salty chocolate and woody. i smoked all within 1 hours

Punch - Rare Corojo Magnum
salty and coffee-like taste

Oliva - Serie V 135th Anniversary Edicion Limitada
worth every money i spent
mild , littlle spice , sweet and ricorice.

Sampler Packs - CAO Gold Sampler (4 Pack)
poor quality control
two of four have a problem with draw if you want to smoke connecticut wrapper, just get some charter oak instead

Davidoff - Winston Churchill Belicoso (4 Pack)
this is not my cake
just spicy and taste like hay

Caldwell Cigar Company - Blind Man's Bluff Connecticut Magnum
brilliant smoke
typical Connecticut leaf. what a beauti

Padron - Maduro 2000
so spicy to me
i love the chocolatey taste and coffee bean but this one is way too spicy for me.

Montecristo - 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua Toro
perfect cigar
silky , woody, sweet and umami taste. what a great cigar

Quorum - Shade Robusto (20 Pack)
must have to store 2month in your humidor
then it gives you cheese cracker flavor

Foundation Cigar Company - Charter Oak Connecticut Rothschild
great cigar fir the price
this is good alternative of montecristo white series. nutty wood and creamy

La Flor Dominicana - Double Ligero Oscuro 660
powerful but nice
creamy and cocoa taste. medium to full flavor but vert strong. do not smoke with empty stomach

Caldwell Cigar Company - The King Is Dead Manzanita
spicy and woody
very nice cigar for early morning

Sampler Packs - NUB Nuance Sampler (6 Pack)
sweet tip
if you hate sweet tip just avoid this

Oliva - Serie V No.4
good cigar
if you want full bodied cigar, grab this

Caldwell Cigar Company - Long Live the King Manzanita
good cigar for short time
chocolate flavor

Sutliff - Eccentric 50g
sweet and sour

Montecristo - Platinum Series Toro
bitter and spice
not good for me

Montecristo - White Series Court
buy no3
it’s not a good cigar for the price. buy no 3

Warped - Until the End 2oz
store this in glass jar and smoke it after a month. this will show you a heaven

Warped - Cloud Hopper 2oz
taste almost like cloud hopper cigar

NUB - Cameroon 460
taste like wood , pepper and freaking gasoline what a waste of price

Drew Estate - Kentucky Fire Cured Delfinas
great cigar
smoky and taste almost like english blend pipe tobacco

Warped - Until the End 2oz
you have to aging this
when i smoked this first time, it taste not good. but a month later, it taste amazing

Oliva - Serie G Maduro Special G
best short cigar
sweet heaven

Bolivar - Cofradia Petit
nice cigar
short time pleasure

La Palina - Fuego Verde Robusto
grassy hell
it’s not for me

Montecristo - White Series Especial No. 3
best cigar
mild creamy nutty heaven

Tatuaje - Tattoo Caballero Robusto
full of unpleasant
uneven burn weird taste

Quorum - Shade Robusto (20 Pack)
good cigar for the price
very nice cigar

John Aylesbury - Dragon Flake 50g
vanilla masterpiece
great amromatic tobacco

Arturo Fuente - Curly Head
not my cigar
if you like just smoking cigar itself, this might be a good choice but if you want to taste, it is not your cigar. i give 3 stars but if this cigar over 5 dollars, i am would to give 0 star

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