Lane Limited - Hazelnut
Great surprise
I received this as an extra in a shipment I bought, and I can say that it was a really nice surprise. I used to try to steer away from bulk tobaccos, not for any specific reason, I just did. After trying this blend, I'll be sure to start buying more bulk blends, as this was a fantastic bulk experience. very cool smoke with just the right amount of hazelnut flavour. A treat for the senses.

McClelland - Special: Christmas Cheer 2013 100g
Quite a tangy taste, and a bit of a strange tin note. Not my favourite, but nice nonetheless.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Not impressed
Not sure if i got a tainted batch or something, but I was not overly impressed with this flavour. I found it quite chemical tasting, and too sharp. It left its flavour in one of my pipes, and took almost a week to get rid of it fully.

Peterson - Special Reserve Limited Edition 2013 100g
Sweet, nice tobacco
Very nice tin note. It came a little on the moist side, but once i gave it a little drying time it smoked great. It's too bad it's only a limited time thing, I really enjoyed it.

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