Justin S.

Lane Limited - 1-Q 1.75oz
A really terrific smoke
While I'm only 37 years old I've been an avid pipe smoker for several years. I've always been a Dunhill smoker: my dad smoked a pipe frequently when I was a kid and Dunhill was always his tobacco of choice. I've just learned that Dunhill has ceased production of ALL their pipe tobaccos and this saddened me greatly. After doing some research about what were considered to be the best pipe tobacco blends, I kept seeing 1-Q popping up on many lists, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I must say, I'm really impressed. It's got a very unique flavor: mild, aromatic, soft on the palate, while at the same time feeling like a robust smoke. My initial bowl was extremely pleasant, very flavorful and pleasing, without any harshness, bitterness, or tongue bite. I highly recommend 1-Q to experienced and new smokers alike. My dad said it reminded him of Dunhill's "Royal Yacht" mixture. Overall, I'm very satisfied and definitely recommend this one!

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