Brian B.

Sutliff - Z93 - Dark Decadence
Good "All Day" Smoke
Really smooth and mild, would make for a good "all day" smoke. The taste and smell are pleasant, but not amazing. This one doesn't burn quite as well as other Sufliff tobaccos I've had, but still burns well.

Sutliff - Match 20
Excellent blend!
I have never tried the original 965, so I can't compare this to the original. It's a very good English blend with a latakia forward taste and aroma, but very balanced. Burns really well, too. Definitely worth a try!

Sutliff - Top Shelf 1.5oz
Very good blend!
The tin note has a little bit of a vinegar smell, but that doesn't show up in the smoke. This one is hard to describe. Up front there's notes of bourbon, followed by a sweet cinnamon taste (reminds me of snickerdoodle cookies). Burns well, just like most SPS tobaccos do.

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
One of my Favorite Aromatics!
At first this blend appears to be a goopy wet mess. Don't let that fool you. It is one of the most consistent burning tobaccos I've ever tried. I don't even bother drying it out before packing. Smells and tastes amazing. Very sweet, but not too sweet. If you like aromatics, you simply must give this one a try!

Sutliff - Blend No. 5 1.5oz
Great introductory English
I was not a big fan of English blends until I got a tin of this. I recommend this to any aromatic fans wanting to broaden their horizons. Now that I have acquired a taste for this style, the No. 5 is a little too mild for me, but it's definitely a good "stepping stone" tobacco. Lights well, burns well, smells and tastes good...give it a try!

McClelland - Special: Holiday Spirit 2013 50g
Great blend!
This is the third year of McClelland Holiday Spirit that I have had (2010 & 2012 previously) and it has been good to me every time. The tin note is simply amazing. Lights well, burns consistently. The only thing keeping this from being a 5-Star rating is that sometimes it can start to lose flavor in the second half of the bowl, but apart from that, this is a wonderful tobacco. Smells and tastes great, wife approved room note. Almost through one tin this year and already ordered another.

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