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I am a 30 year old man. I shave with a straighrazor. I drink rum. I have a Rossi unfiltered.

Robert Lewis - Orcilla Mixture 50g
This is a great tobacco. It is smooth and balanced, earthy and peppery. Peppery like an expensive cologne, not like a cheap mexican dish. I wouldn't say mild, mild implies it is simple or bland, this has complex undertones. I wasn't prepared for it, and so when I first tried it I was not impressed - but it has since grown on me and I am very fond of it now, two tries later. The way I smoke it, is is full of character. The flavor is very nice. I would like for the more adventurous to give it a go and review it here, since it is sales rank 608... I would love to hear what a more experienced smoker thinks of it and what to compare it to. It can bite if you really try. I use an unfiltered pipe and I am an ex-cigarette smoker and I was puffing pretty hard to get it to bite. Cool smoke, just the right amount of moisture.

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