John H.

Peter Stokkebye - PS9F French Vanilla
Could have fooled me
The description talks about all the extra vanilla in this blend, but I didn't find it all that obvious. Sutliffe's Vanilla Custard is way more pleasant and in theirs, you can actually smell the vanilla. Having said all that, this stuff is not bad

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Montego Bay
Middle of the Road
This stuff sounded a lot better on paper; there's bite if you go at it too enthusiastically, the aroma / flavour is there but faint. Burns fine. Not bad, nothing to write home about

Sutliff - B27 - Smooth Black & Golden Cavendish
It's a Mystery
Why this wonderful blend should rate so low in bulk sales. It's a nice aromatic whose vanilla is understated, seems not to bite, great room note.. on the strong side, but not murderous. Definite for the rotation

Sutliff - B35 - Caribbean Nights
Not Great
The title and description sound good, but this stuff was anything but. Amazing how a company can have all those great flavours (like Queen Anne's Revenge) and still put out a dog like this. Dry, little fragrance, bite. Ugh

Peter Stokkebye - PS315 Black Coffee
Pretty Decent
As coffee flavoured tobacco goes, this is so far my favourite. And as a bonus, it doesn't have a lot of bite if you take it easy. That's IF you take it easy

Sutliff - D64 Queen Anne's Revenge
No Complaints
No bite, nice aroma, nice texture. A new favourite

Lane Limited - HG-2000
Very Smooth
One of Lane's better blends, in my opinion. Smooth, no bite, long easy burn. It's becoming a regular in my 'rotation'. Recommended

Sutliff - Cinnamon Delight
Dubious at First
But I was pleasantly surprised. Had a pipe on the way home in the car, and while you sort of have to nurse it to avoid hot burning, it's pretty good. The cinnamon is subtle, leaves just the faintest hint in your mouth. I'll get it again

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Bit of a Surprise
I like trying out all the weird flavours on offer, but I've had some bad ones. So, when I had the first bowl of this stuff, I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness, lack of bite, good burn, etc. The vanilla is noticeable, but not too heavy. Good one

Lane Limited - LL-7
This blend smokes nice and smooth. It's not too strong, not too bland. Lane found a great compromise here. The flavouring is very much understated, which is a good thing in this case. Highly recommended

Sutliff - 1M
No Nonsense
This blend ranks up there with some of my other favourites, Lane's LL7, Mac Baren's 7 Seas Regular, and Stokkebye's B&B. It's most similar to LL7, perhaps a bit smoother. Good stuff

Sutliff - D62 - Planters Punch
Fairly Excellent
While I admit to not tasting or smelling all the flavours they packed into this blend, the coconut IS very pronounced. It is a smooth smoke and I recommend you try it. Update: Well, it's still good, but I don't rave about it anymore. Just dropped one star off my original impression

Peter Stokkebye - Black Currant Cavendish
Nice Aroma
This blend has wonderful pouch and room note, but it tended to burn hot. Also, it is a bit dry so I moistened it a little. It still burns hot either way. Good smoke if you take it easy

Cornell & Diehl - Mocha
Not that great
And overpriced, before they put it on sale. Disappointed

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Blue Note
Prime Stuff
This blend burns well, lights easily, and smokes cool. A go-to if there ever was one. While it might be wide of the mark, and not something I'd seek out, the pouch note has a vague suggestion of cotton candy. Not unpleasant, quite the opposite. I've picked a few stems out of my four ounces, not a big deal, but they're there. Good price, too

Peter Stokkebye - PS303 Peaches & Creme
Pretty Good
Pretty good, a surprise. The peach aroma is mostly in the pouch and the first few puffs, but it's a good smoke all the same

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Regular
When I'm picking among the bags of tobacco and I come across this one, I don't look any further. It has no bad habits

D62 - Planters Punch

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Tobacco Galleria: Night Cap

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B34 - Sacher Torte

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B27 - Smooth Black & Golden Cavendish

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Peter Stokkebye
PS315 Black Coffee

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D64 Queen Anne's Revenge

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Z92 Vanilla Custard

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Tobacco Galleria: Blue Note

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PS303 Peaches & Creme

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Cherry Bon Bon

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