Chris O.

Borkum Riff - Bourbon Whiskey 1.5oz
Decent OTC
I rarely smoke aromatics, but at least with this blend I know when my pipe is lit! I much prefer this to 1Q/Captain Black. Can be a little harsh if you push it though.

Savinelli - Doblone d'Oro 100g
This tobacco is very similar to Three Nuns both in appearance and taste, however this blend (for me at least) is richer, more satisfying and fuller in flavor. If you like Three Nuns, you'll likely love this!

Mixture No. 79 - Mixture No. 79 1.5oz
Like smoking a cheap perfume. Couldn't even get through one bowl.

Orlik - Dark Strong Kentucky 50g
I tried this tobacco without any preconceived notions about what it should or shouldn't be. It has a great appearance, perfect moisture level, smokes well while only rarely requiring a re-light and has a unique taste/flavor that I can't get enough of.

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