Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Rum & Maple
Sweet and light.
I was really surprised. This tobacco has a really great balance. for me the rum really stood out and made great friends with the maple flavoring. Just a tiny bit of spice on the exhale. this is a great tobacco.

Sutliff - 245 ZBC
Oishi dayo !
in japanese “its delicious!” this is amazing amazing stuff, nice huge chunks of black gold, burns slow, smokes great, wonderful warm hints of caramel and vanilia complement this amazing blend. This is a great replacement to those who are looking to replace their McClelland bulk aros.

Sutliff - 1M
not as good as McClelland Top Quality Gold & Toasted, but a pretty darn good second. TQGT was a huge improvement on Lanes 1Q and 1m is i million times better, i always thought lane has the taste of shredded newspaper burning, so this is what lane 1Q should be if they used quality tobacco and flavoring, wonderful room note, and has a real hit of coconut (the secret ingredient) really amazing blend and this will be in my heavy rotation.

Sutliff - 1M
not as good as McClelland Top Quality Gold & Toasted, but a pretty darn good second. TQGT was a huge improvement on Lanes 1Q and 1m is i million times better, i always thought lane has the taste of shredded newspaper burning, so this is what lane 1Q should be if they used quality tobacco and flavoring, wonderful room note, and has a real hit of coconut (the secret ingredient) really amazing blend and this will be in my heavy rotation.

Comoy's - Cask No.9 3.5oz
Good but not Great
Good smoke but not great. just average.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Flake 1.75oz
incredible aromatic.
I was pretty much an all McClelland guy and one of my favorites was their vanilla cavendish, and was gutted when they closed down, then just by random chance i picked up a tin of this on a whim and holy crap. I found my replacement. Its absolutely nothing like the McClelland blend but in a great way, its light, smooth, full of rich tobacco flavor AND vanilla and the balance is absolutely perfect. What a great slow burning, mellow and rich smoke. Down to the last little bit of ash.

Mac Baren - HH Burley Flake 1.75oz
holy moo cow.
wow. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. light, smooth, no bite (smoking a 9mm piper fyi) yet has the best burley flavor ever. extremely impressed with this tobacco. seriously.

McClelland - Balkan Beauty 50g
wow. McClelland makes magic...
So I will start off by admitting Ive been smoking a pipe about 5 years now, and while I still love my aromatics the most, I have come to love just about all blends of baccy, one of the reasons is McClelland. There is just no other company to compare when making something so enjoyable to smoke, they just know how to mix exactly the right amount of this and that to make something incredible. Its a very deep, rich and heavy smoke, but not in a gross or overpowering way, instead of a pungent mess of latakia to see how many curley chest hairs you can show off, its more like a deep savory steak flavor with a wonderful bready exhale. its like a fine meal in your pipe. This is what an "heavy" english should be. another incredible blend in the belt of McClelland.

McClelland - 402 - Chocolate Cream
One of my favorites
It's McClelland everything they touch is gold. I smoke this stuff everyday. No joke. It's that good

Peterson - Special Reserve Limited Edition 2017 100g
Best Peterson limited edition yet
Wonderful blend, has a wonderful semi sweet note of caramel with a back note of salted butter and almond, been smoking a bowl every day after work and really enjoying winding down the day with this amazing blend

McClelland - Premium Aromatic: Town Topic 50g
Another perfect blend by McClelland
This maple blend is so wonderful and delicate and rich and smooth everything about this blend just proves why McClelland is the absolute masters of not just tobacco, but especially aromatics. This is such an enjoyable blend the flavor is perfectly balanced with the Virginia and the black Cavendish and everything about this Tobacco is enjoyable. One of my all time top 5 baccy son earth.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
1-q is 1 star.
i do not understand how people love this stuff so much, after trying McClellands Top Quality Gold and toasted you can tell the huge difference in tobacco leaf quality, this stuff is more like floor sweepings or shaved newspaper. i also have an extreme pet peeve when people say you have to "sip" slowly. its not a cup of tea in victorian england, if you can't smoke the blend like a normal man with out tongue bite, its time to admit the truth and move on to a better blend. its not to be mean, but so many of the McClelland bulk aromatics were 100 times better than this for the same price

McClelland - Club Blends: CPCC Caramel Rush 50g
my favorite caramel blend !
Not much to put into words for me, i always have this blend on hand, its rich, smooth, the taste and room note both are beyond incredible.. its really a perfect example of why everyone says McClelland is the best baccy to stuff in your pipe !

Drucquer & Sons - Inns of Court 100g
wow. just incredible !
This is a fantastic blend. its so light but at the same time extremely complex, you can sit back and close your eyes and just try to pick out all the different flavors that come from this amazing baccy, Nuts, plum, a little Fig Newton, toast and wheat, with kind of a misquote BBQ smokey thing but ever so light. C&D nailed this one. its really a masterpiece of tobacco. Pairs very very well with a nice tall glass of cold Hoji-cha. (japanese barley tea). I am really really really Glad I bought this tin. what a perfect example of how to use Latakia ! now lets hope this one sticks around !

Peterson - Summertime Blend 2016 100g
I actually enjoyed this blend ..
I dono about others taste but I thought this was similar to the 2013 it was a good fruit Aro and like this one went well with a good citrus smoothie, I use a 9mm filter so I never get tongue bite so maybe try this blend with a filter because it thought it smoked great .

Stands & Pouches - Peterson Avoca Tobacco Box Pouch
Awesome pouch
Super high quality, the interior does not leave a rubber taste in your tobacco, folds up perfect, super usleful zipper pocket on the back, very nice magnetic snap on the front flap. Just everything about this tobacco pouch / box is amazing. If you need a tobacco pouch, you need this.

Peterson - Gold Blend 50g
bites like a chain chomp from Super Mario
the flavor is pretty good on this blend, but its instant agony for me, i couldn't even smoke half the bowl before my tongue was fiery sandpaper, would not recommend this blend at all. the special edition pete blends are incredible but whoever makes the normal aromatic line is really not very good. for my tongue anyway.

McClelland - Premium Aromatic: Best of Show 50g
My top favorite pipe tobacco. period.
I talk about this blend all the time on my show, punk rock piper, as it is my all time, favorite tobacco. not just in aromatics, but period, the cut, the way it smokes, the room note, and of course the flavor is all so incredible, words cannot relay the enjoyment of smoking this blend. its one of the very few baccy's that i can smoke in a non filtered pipe and get no bite. this in my opinion, is the best pipe tobacco ever created. no question.

McClelland - McTruffle
My favorite bulk blend. hands down
This should be a lot more popular, because it is my absolute favorite bulk blend. It is such an amazing chocolate blend, i don't really get cherry, but just a nice sweet note, gently on the top of the creamy cocoa, the room note is similar to taste master, almost a baking brownie note. honestly i could smoke this for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. trust me, if you are looking for a chocolate aromatic, you want to buy this blend. and buy a lot, because you will find that one Oz. will be gone in a few days, its really that good.

McClelland - 605 - Pastry
like a buttery croissant
this is such a wonderful blend, it has both the flavor and room note of a warm buttery croissant, more of a bread-y flavor than butter, but its incredible for a bulk blend =) highly recommend, also pairs great with morning coffee !

McClelland - UPCA: Maple Supreme 50g
McClelland perfection again.
this is a really fantastic blend. this blend makes me think of what kind of maple blend you might have gotten back in the golden days of pipe smoking, the tin note is sweet and the room note makes you think of walking into an old tobacco shop that never changed. Not like town topic, which i love, its a completely different maple taste, more like just a dark sweetness more than pancake syrup. this makes an AMAZING pair with Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Coffee. If your looking for a good fall type blend, i would pick this for sure, enjoy it more than autumn evening but still think you should try Town Topic as well to compare the two best maple blends !

McClelland - 400 - Creme Caramel
like smoking twix !
this blend is absolutely amazing, it really has a twix bar flavor, a really smooth and buttery caramel flavor and one of the best creme flavoring I've ever tried in pipe tobacco ! McClelland knocking another blend outta the park !

McClelland - M96 - Fresh Apple
McClelland really made an incredible blend.
This blend has a very.. dark apple or sweet/sour flavor profile, almost like an apple pie flavor but not too sweet, the really did a great job on the flavoring in this blend, smokes amazing, not too bitey, wonderful room note and if you like apple flavor, this is a go to for sure.

McClelland - 815 - Strawberry Daiquiri
such a great tobacco 1
This is such a great flavor and blends of tobacco used in combination, it has a very natural sweet strawberry flavor. Not "chemically" in anyway, to me it has a more, jolly rancher strawberry, almost tart, witch makes it pair with the cavendish and virginias in this incredible blend. McClellan's aromatics are always top shelf, and this blend is one of them.

Peterson - Special Reserve Limited Edition 2016 100g
Amazing Citrus aromatic
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUtLIsPcFH4 i actually did a video review of this baccy. Its really wonderful tobacco, to me it has a very tangerine/blood orange flavor and a wonderful citrus room note. it may sound strange, an orange flavor tobacco, but the perfect mix of Virginias really give it an incredible sweet and natural flavor, the tin is just awesome, as usual, and the tobacco is really at a perfect humidity to smoke right out of the tin, it smokes like butter, smooth, clean and has a lipton tea brisk exhale. buy this baccy while you can, its really just that good.

Cult - Abacus 50g
do you love tongue bite?
I mostly smoke aromatics, but this stuff was just unsmokeable to me. Instant tongue bite and sort of a air freshener flavoring. just awful in my opinion. not sure if anyone actually smoked this stuff before going to market.

McClelland - M27 - Three Cherry Blend
wow, just wow. and i hate cherry.
Was listening to a episode of country squire and heard JD talking about this blend and figured i would at least give it a shot. and wow. i don't like fake cherry flavor at all, but this is so cool because you can really taste the natural wonderful cherry flavor like you just ate a tart cherry off the tree. McClelland, really out did themselves on this blend. if you are looking for a cherry blend that does not suck or burn your tongue, this is what your looking for. really incredible flavor down to the last bit of ash.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 1.75oz
really incredible.
this tobacco, even though its not flavored at all, and is completely natural, really gave me a coco and spiced orange kind of note, not like a huge flavor rush, but more like a, put your finger on this flavor kind of thing. It also packs quite a little punch, high nic. content but smooth smooth smooth. #2 on my non aro list of best baccies.

Peterson - St. Patrick's Day 2016 50g
really incredible.
this is a terrific aromatic blend. the mix of coconut and irish cream just work together like milk and honey. The tin note is amazing, this blend was pure enjoyment from the charring light down two the last little bit. Pair this with a mocha or some philz coffee with half & half and you have yourself and amazing pairing and smoking experience. really impressed with this blend.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 1.75oz
simply amazing!
Got this after listening to a pipes mag. radio show with per Jensen, this was actually the first full flake tobacco i have ever tried, really quite amazing, i used per Jensens fold and pack method and worked just amazing, this baccy has a very sweet earth-dark black coffee - steak type of flavor to me. smokes really great if left in its original form and NOT broken up, and packs a little punch if you smoke the whole bowl. room note is very odd, sort of a stale vanilla candle aroma but not unpleasant. really love this blend a lot, i would put it right up their with McClelland's Tudor castle arcade

McClelland - Collector: Arcade 50g
this is one of my most favorite tobaccos.
Now i mostly smoke aromatics, so when i say how good this is, it has to be that good to get me to smoke a non aro. this is my favorite non aromatic tobacco ever, it is smooth, full of rich full flavor that is most impossible to describe except amazing. no question, anyone who likes smoking a pipe will enjoy this blend no matter what your "go to" is. most likely it will become this one. no bite, burns cool, smells and tastes amazing.. what more can you ask for!

Cornell & Diehl - Golden Days of Yore 2oz
Good solid blend. VERY Cornell & Diehl
A lot of C&d blends that claim to be aromatics, i don't really feel are so. and this is a pretty good example. This blend to me really has almost no aromatic qualities, HOWEVER, its a fantastic blend.... The tin note is more like a McClellands "ketchup" fermented virgina smell rather than a wafty note of other aros. It smokes and tastes like a virginia tobacco, with a HINT of nutmeg or allspice, and equally leaves behind that room note. If you are not an aro fan but want something a little more seasonal, this is most likely a perfect blend for you, you really taste more of the tobacco than anything else and the flavor is more of a hint, than an actually flavor. it does sometimes need a little extra rubbing out depending on what pipe you smoke it in. if you prefer a more natural tobacco then this is most likely going to be something you love, while i do love it, would highly recommend it and tell you its a great blend and am very grateful to smoke such a well put together blend, it was not as high on my christmas blend scale like Holiday Spirit from McClellan has become. get it ? yes ! but its not going to leave your family thinking of baking cookies or pie from the room note, nor is it like smoking a bowl of rum and coco cavendish.

Peterson - Holiday Season 2015 100g
Peterson special blends gets another perfect blend.
usually i think of more of a dark coco or rummy note to a christmas baccy, but this Peterson blend shows you that fruit can have is place in your Christmas rotation too ! A very wonderful Coniagc flavor with a great raspberry undertone. the special editions peterson does is made by Kohlhase & Kopp and i feel that its extremely similar to their special reserve series, thats really the only, if you want to call it, negative thing i could really find with this blend. The tin note is really amazing and has a very ... berry liquor" sent to it, but a top shelf one. the room note is more like a berry filled pastry baking in your toaster oven or a toaster strudel and the flavor is really like .. sitting in a big lazy boy with some frank sanatra playing in the back ground and a snoot full of a fine coniagc that was poured over fresh raspberries. smokes clean, i do use a 9mm filter with this one and i get NO tongue bite what so ever. so if you are like me, and are all about the christmas season and spirit and put your tree up the day after halloween, or you love special blends, pick this one up, the tin alone is beautiful and makes a great collectors item.

McClelland - Holiday Spirit 2015 50g
One of the most wonderful tobaccos ever created.
this has been on of my favorite baccies for a long time. I got my first tin of this back in 2013 and at first i thought the star anise was weird. but let me tell you, when smoking its like coco and rum and all spice and just makes me think of every wonderful christmas memory I've ever had. the room note is amazing, its just something your going to have to experience for your self, the taste is like a very natural spicy rum with a dark dark Ghriidelhi coco flavor underneath. Like all of the McClelland's aro's its a very clean burning aromatic and never gives me any tongue bite no matter how much or what what pipe i smoke it in. it packs well, and stays lit, and a 8 oz Ball jar stays packed with this stuff all year round. its a great fall/winter/ blend that i could smoke, and do, everyday. every year i will bring along a pouch of this stuff and smoke it while i watch the christmas tree in union square here in SF. its a great blend that will create great memories.

Peterson - Special Reserve Limited Edition 2014 100g
wow... what else is there to say?
this baccy is wonderful. Kohlhase & Kopp from Germany blended this amazing, incredibly special pipe tobacco to absolute perfection. Opening the amazing tin you are delighted with one of the best tin notes of all time, it literally made be have a scooby-doo style flashback of siting on a lawn chair on a beach smoking a bowl of this with a virgin daiquiri. The fruit aroma is perfect both in tin note and in room note, like a berry pipe pie baking in an old iron oven. The quality of the tobacco is worth every penny with lots of ready rub and perfectly cured Virginias, you'd swear its a Mcclelland blend from the quality of this blends leaf. The smoking enjoyment is only something i can tell you to experience, perfect moisture content not dry but not wet, lights up perfect, burns slow and the flavor of berry is natural, magnificent and present yet mellow enough to let the flavor of the sugary Virginia come right through. the casing is just amazing on this blend, i can't say enough good things about it. The only thing i can say is smoke this in your 9mm, doing so will make it a truly enjoyable experience, otherwise this blend can bite pretty good. this should be in your summer rotation for sure!

Tsuge - Summer Daydream 50g
Great blend, was quite impressed with this one!
This is the real review for this blend (i mixed up the two in an earlier review as i ordered all four tins) this is quite a great blend, two of the four blends i loved and this one of them, this has a very good chocolate and creme flavor to it, what ever creme flavoring they used in this series is the best I've ever tried, has a very hersheys mike chocolate bar and cool whip flavor, thats honestly the best way i can describe it. lots of dark jet black cavendish, dark virgina, in a golden pancake color and some burley to give it a good baccy note on top of the great flavor, the tin note is very much like coco and butterscotch, the cut is kinda thin and needs some extra breaking up before packing I've found, otherwise it gets a little clogged up at the bottom of your bowl but that wasn't that big of a deal, lights up great, stays lit fairly well, yet the only reason i didn't give this blend a full 5 stars, you should really really smoke this out of a 9mm filter pipe, it does bite, even though the flavor is great, i feel the tobacco used is not top shelf stuff that you might find in a McCellands aro blend, for example, and so it has some nip to it, smoking it out of a 9mm filter seems to have cured that issue quite well, but it does limit me on what pipes that i can enjoy this blend out of. the room note is ok, nothing extreme, its not going to make your house smell like baking cookies, but it does have a very nice hot coco sent to it. -- Great flavor, smokes great, amazing creme flavoring, lots of cavendish, (something i really love), Bites kinda bad in a not filter pipe, the tobacco used its self is not the most amazing quality, its not bad, but its not what i would expect from one of the best pipe makers in history to have his name stamped on. I do really enjoy this blend and will be ordering this blend as long as its available, would recommend it to any aro smoker, despite my cons, the pros of this blend far outway its latter.

Tsuge - Winter's Embrace 50g
A non Aro in an aromatic series ? And not a great Virginia either.
This one is my least favorite in this series. I was a little confused why they would make an aromatic series and put a straight Virginia blend as part of it. I would have been ok with it if it was even a good Virginia, but this one is pretty sub-par. It bites, even through my 9mm filter pipe it really started to sting about halfway through the bowl, and there is nothing enjoyable about a tobacco that hurts to smoke, also what I've found with a lot of lane limited blends (as that's the producer of this blend) it just seems like a cheap quality leaf that bites hard. The tin note has more of a stale sun-maid raisin smell rather than a fresh sugary Baccy sent that I get from six pence or oak ally. The flavor is pretty boring, it tastes just like it smells, like raisins and burning leaves, and stale ones at that. No room note at all in my opinion, other than just tobacco, this blend is not the worst I've ever tried, but it's not to far off at all. ---- cheap quality leaf, dry as a bone. Lots of tongue bite, no sugary sweet flavor I find in other Virginia blends, pretty boring grassy taste and an almost non existent room note, I honestly expected a much better quality of tobacco from a pipe maker who charges 1000 bux for a pipe, now I own a tsuge factory pipe that smokes great, so I assumed this series was gonna be top shelf becsuse everything else with tsuges name on it is awesome, however this blend especially, is just not good at all, and I really wanted to like these Baccys too. In the future I'm going to steer clear of any tobaccos made by lane or (aka) Scandinavian tobacco group.

Tsuge - The Mystery of Autumn 50g
Best one of the series
This was the best one of the series, still would suggest using a pipe with a 9mm filter to avoid any bite, because it will a little without one. The Baccy is a good mix of Virginia and black cavendish, the tin note sucks, it smells like play-doh, not a very appealing sent at all, thankfully the flavor when smoking and the room note are nothing like the tin note whatsoever...the flavor is very much like an Irish cream or like sipping the foam off the top of your latte, the cream topping they use in this blend is possibly one of the best I've tried, really makes for a milky smooth exhale, I would best describe it as a coco/coffee/truffle and cream flavor, quite nice and smooth. The room note is so so, has a smell of cool whip and cookies, but very light, it's not going to make the entire room smell like that wonderful aromatic Baccy sent, but more like a light hint dancing in the air, I thought it was fine, I prefer the heavy room notes that, say, Mccellands best of show or caramel rush leave where my entire hall smells of baking brownies. Overall it's alot like CAO's Eileen's Dream but a much better, less chemical taste, I would recommend this one to any Aro smoker and will definitely be buying more of this blend, I had hoped that they all would turn out as good as this one, but in smoking all four of this series, this is the only one I would give a thumbs up too and purchase again.

Tsuge - Summer Daydream 50g
the review below was for first days of spring not summer daydream, ill edit and fix this once it shows up in my edit menu, excuse the confusion please.
the review below was for first days of spring not summer daydream, ill edit and fix this once it shows up in my edit menu, excuse the confusion please.

Tsuge - Summer Daydream 50g
9mm filter a must.
i was really excited about this blend, i ordered all four tins, if nothing else, just for the artwork alone, as i am kinda obsessed with all things Japanese. However, as much as i wanted to love this series, so far its been pretty unimpressive, the descriptions are not very good on this so ill try to do my best. It bites, bad, and a 9mm filter is almost a must, i will say that if you are using a filter it pretty much rids all of the tongue bite and makes it quite a bit more enjoyable, i find it to have the same profile as petersons baccy, as in you can't smoke the fruity peterson without a filter, unless you want your tongue to feel like its been attacked by wasps, and this, i could not finish one bowl out of my tsuge pipe, i had to dump it and switch to a filter pipe. with that out of the way, its actually an ok blend, the fruit flavoring reminds me of petersons summertime 2012, a very peachy, mango flavor with a room note of baking apple pie, the baccy its self is very long fine ribbon cut and is mainly virgina and burley, very very little cavendish, packs well and stays lit fine, no complaints there, but i did notice on the tin that it was made by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, aka Lane Limited, who also makes the CAO blends, i normal can't stand lane tobacco, its usually cheap, awful stuff, this quality is better, but not by much.., and to be honest i was hoping for a blend made my Tsuge, not a STG made for drew estate and then a Tsuge label slapped on top... --The tobacco is ok, nice peachy fruit flavoring, nice room note, burns well. 9mm filter a must, bad tongue bite, its nothing to write home about, to me its a huge bummer because my peter stokkebye bulk peaches and cream was much better than this blend, and comes no where near McCellands Pal-o-mine, its just a very very average peach/mango-ish blend, not horrible but not great, not a tin i will be ordering again. =(

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
Background baccy is what i call this.
I really wanted to love this tobacco because the name is just so cool, i kind of wanted it to be like, "oh what are you smoking?" " oh some HAUUNNTEED BOOKKKSHHOPPP, mmuahh ahahah" but its pretty much a cigar filler type of profile or a fancy dunhill cigarette. It reminds me a lot of three nuns, except its actually decent. it has a very light sweet virgina taste but really, to me, it had a flavor more like cigar tobacco, rather than a complex pipe tobacco. like the previous review, i would agree, its ok, its not bad, its not fantastic either, i would be a very good "go do stuff" kind of smoke, where you can just chuff away with out feeling like you have to sit down for the next 40 mins and try to taste every nuance, this is more like, eh I'm play some Shenmue on Dreamcast and just smoke this baccy for the nicotine. Point being its what i would call a background baccy, not a flavor bomb, but defiantly not a disappointment either. Would i buy it again? sure! but its definitely not going to be part of my bi-weekly purchases.

G. L. Pease - Sixpence 2oz
just wow. what an awesome blend.
wow, this is one of the best baccys I've ever smoked, again, i love aromatics, McCellands best of show is my all time favorite, i have ventured off into non aros lately, searching for a blend i can really enjoy, and this is for sure it. wow. its very sweet naturally, and kind of has a season salt/black pepper flavor going on, yet, very smooth, cool, slow smoking and just a wonderful tobacco to enjoy. so much flavor, almost an unsweetened coco exhale, this has so many awesome complex flavors going, its really amazing... The first light was awesome, all the way down to the last puff, my first G.L. Pease blend, and wow, what an introduction!!

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton on the Bayou 50g
what an amazing blend, even for an aromatic smoker!
I smoke almost strictly aromatics, lately I've been trying out and playing with new non-aro blends, i basically just ordered what ever sounded good, and this one was just off the chart! it has a lot of natural tobacco flavor that is just perfect, not to heavy, but a very woodsy, smooth, light earthy-sweet note to it that really kept me diving back into the tin nightly, but then again, I've yet to try any McCelland blend that i haven't liked =) great tobacco, would recommend to anyone!

Mac Baren - Cube Silver 100g
good god.
this was kind of an expensive disappointment, i am almost strictly an aro smoker, and i have tried just about all the brands, this one is, in my own opinion, just awful, the fruit flavor is not natural at all, it almost has like a car air freshener taste, more like a cheap pack of old fruit snacks, i did not like what ever flavoring they used in this blend at all, everyone has different tastes but for me, this is right up there with some of the cheaper lane lines, the other factor is the instant tongue bite, and thats though a pipe with a 9mm charcoal filter than even makes the Peterson blends bite free, this one I've tried a few times and just can't get more than a few puffs in before i feel like my tongue is on fire, not even exaggerating, this was 15 bux that, unfortunately, went in the garbage. sorry mac baren, this one is not for me. Ill stick to my Pal O Mine.

Cornell & Diehl - We Three Kings 2oz
Great tobacco, non aro smokers would probably enjoy this one too.
let me just say that C&D is a love or hate relationship for me, some of their blends are beyond amazing, and some are like.. did you guys even try this before you tinned it up?? this one, is very very very light on the aro side, just a hint of cinnamon, and a very very light clovey exhale, yet the vanilla comes through at the end of the bowl, this one has much more of a pure tobacco taste to it than it is an aromatic, it is very good and smooth though, for a non aro guy who wanted some holiday flavor profile, this would be the perfect tin, i do enjoy this baccy, but if your ordering this i would also suggest getting a tin of McCellands holiday spirit, that is pretty much my all time fav. just a suggestion. buy this baccy? yes! but it is not a flavor bomb by any means.

Lighters - Kiribi Mikazuki Black Matte
just awesome, worth every penny.
i was really torn between this and the IM "old boy" but seeing as i have a obsession with japan i went ahead a took a chance with this one instead, oh...man.. what a difference this lighter makes ! it has a lot of weight to it and is a perfect size! not to big, very pocketable, yet not a dinky little thing either, it just feels ultra high quality as soon as you put it in your mittens ! i am blown away that this lighter is such good quality for 50 bux less than the IM ! lights perfectly, every flick, and the flame came perfectly adjusted, lit the first bowl super even and perfect and the flame is exactly where it needs to be when tilting the lighter to light your pipe! i can't recommend this lighter enough! if you are looking at this lighter, there is a little button to your top right of this page that says add to cart, click it now! what an awesome buy!

G. L. Pease - Montgomery 2oz
I live here !
Great baccy if you like Virginias ! I liked this stuff just because I live on the street this line is named after ! My house is even on the map on the tin label ! So cool!

McClelland - Premium Aromatic: Pal O' Mine 50g
The best fruit aro. Period.
Wow, I am mostly an aro smoker and I have tried about every fruit or peach tobacco there is, this is by far the best, it literally tastes like a slice of peach pipe, Er.. Pie :p it's flavor is perfect, no tongue bite, even after a tankard bowl full, smokes smooth and the room note is something you have to smell for your self, once you open the tin, you can just tell this is another perfect blend from the McClellan masters.

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