Thomas A.

Cornell & Diehl - Golden Days of Yore 2oz
Yes, the first impression was wow. As a confirmed Virginia smoker who has not found much in aromatics to draw me back, Cornell and Diehl appear to have changed my mind. As there was a Virginia component and being drawn to Christmas in July themes, I took a chance. Guess I'll have to take more. Have so far tried this in medium sized Savinelli and Ardor pipes. Both smoked well. Smoke volume is nice. The ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon descriptions are well founded, and yes, I could discern a light chocolate and rum note. But the underlying tobacco note was what held me. Very good in deed. Nice Virginia sweetness was present, as well as other notes I wasn't familiar with before this blend. The tobacco burned well after the first charring light. I would urge caution regarding too vigorous tamping as it compacted too much for me in the first pipe full. The second time around I used a lighter hand with much better results. Burns quite cleanly down the bowl. Left little more moisture at the bottom than I have found in most pure Virginia or Virginia blends. It does require the usual light puffing associated with Viginias as the heat component in the bole is similar. So, nice and spicy, great tobacco taste, a touch of flavors beyond the tobacco and great burning qualities. If your tastes run to Virginia components and you like a bit of spice, don't hesitate a minute longer. If you like aromatics but have shied away from Virginias, same rule applies. On second though, maybe you should wait a few days to order. I need to get a few more cans to cellar.

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