Toscano - Master Aged Serie 4
To Mr. Or Mrs. Toscano
I bought the Toscano Aged 2 before I bought these. Very suprised by those so I went on to purchase these wonders. If you are looking for an approachable cigar that requires understanding more complex flavors..I believe this would be that bridge. The fermented tobaccos the Italian flare. I adore these. If Toscano was a person I would hug them and ask them how they were doing.

Toscano - Master Aged Serie 2
Purdy good!
I was uncertain of these when I purchased them. I'm ashamed to admit I did it for the lighter offer. But what I wasn't ready for is the quality or smoke these provide! I was also concerned about cutting it in half. Great cut, even with an inexpensive cutter. Very pleased with these. Will order again

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