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Tampers & Tools - Abe Herbaugh Crimson Resin and Antique Brass Tamper
Almost perfect
I have a handful of AH's mid-priced, colourful, acrylic tampers because they are clean, easy carry and make their assigned display pipes "pop" in the cases. They'll be perfect when he gives the top a concave slant for that quick scraping need. SWB

Pipe Accessories - Brigham Pipe Stacker Deep 3 Pipe Drawer
More Would be Better
As a user of Stackers, I am a fan. However, the system could be a lot more helpful with the addition of 3-4 more colour choices...camel, burgundy, silver, mustard, green, navy etc. Why? Different colours would help identify and organize diverse collections. Danish in the silver Stackers, Metal embellishments in the gold Stackers. Meers in the white Stackers. Tampers/collectible accessories in the Black Stackers, figurals in the navy Stackers. While I am in my "improvement" mood, it would also be helpful to have a tasteful attached or attachable small cardholder for each tray. It would be an easy ID of the contents and, if the contents were changed, the card could also be changed. Trust me. Yellow sticky notes just don't make the cut for that purpose. I'll pick up a few more black Stackers at the 50% off sale but will be 1st in line...or the beta tester...for every new color you put on the site. Count me in for a Baker's Dozen right now. Glad you're in the business. SWB

Tao Photographic Portfolio

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Unknown 'Lady' Petite Churchwarden

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