W. Max H.

Savinelli - Brunello Flake 100g
Dry it!
Undoubtedly my favorite tobacco. You should dry it out for a week (or more) before smoking. It is mild but with a full flavo0 and body. I find the room note pleasing. I tried smoking it in two of my bent apples (Peterson and Savinelli) and had a miserable time. I think the bowl-holes were too far down into the chamber and I was lucky to get one bowl smoke before I had to use a pipe tool to break through the hole (literally). This has not happened to any of my other (full-bent) pipes. This tobacco is well worth the price IF you have the right pipe.

Sutliff - 203 Coffee
Bites like a bulldog
I like a mild tobacco with flavor and no bite, This tobacco has neither quality. I will say it does smoke well for a half a bowl. Then it begins to gurgle and the bite commences. I smokes "4" bowls full thinking that different pipes (Ashtons, Comoy and Charatan) would provide a different experience. None did. I smoked the last bowl half-way until the bite took hold. Then I reemed out the remaining tobacco and threw the rest of the 4 oz. bag away. I wasn't worth the pain and the disappointment..

Ashton - Connecticut Senoritas (10 Pack)
No consistency
I bought 2 boxes (20 cigars total) and smoked 16/20. Quality control is very poor. Only 2/16 have been wrapped right. The rest are so loose that I continually have to spit out bits of tobacco. There is no resistence when lighting so you wind up with a very sharp intake and a coughing spell. Taste is good if a little sharp. The sharpness could be from the tobacco burning so hot as you are sucking in a lot of air with each puff.

McClelland - Grand Orientals: Classic Samsun 50g
Mild and flavorfull
This tobacco is a treat. It packs beautifully and draws easily. It has a rich, nutty flavor which is mild and a it has great aroma. It's my go-to blend by which I compare every other tobacco against.

Cornell & Diehl - Crooner
I ordered 4 ozs which turned out to have a good amount of powdered residue from the bottom of the barrel. I strained some of the smaller pieces through a kitchen strainer. Thankfully, I recieved a credit for the purchase. What I could put in my pipes was a disappointment. This tobacco looks like small, round pellets. It has a high, harsh note which burns the tongue. I had to use multiple pipe cleaners to clear out clogging at the base of the chamber. I tried smoking this mixture in 3 different pipes and had the same experience with each. Unfortunately, I discarded it as unsmokable. .