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Cornell & Diehl - Speakeasy Navy Blend 2oz
Smoke easy
Sit down smoke. Pretty much a DF Kentucky show. The other three varietals are low level support. Nice smoke

Cornell & Diehl - Sunset Harbor Flake 2oz
Sit and smoke
Boy this one is tough to pin down. Izmer with Perique and Latakia? Love it or hate it, sunset harbor

Cornell & Diehl - Seersucker 2oz
Tobacco review
In general, a dark brooding blend. The Burley, Cigar and DF play a prominent role, and in that order. Occasionally a pure cigar note or pure Oriental. Dark chocolate and espresso notes. Really does a number on your breath. A fine smoke for blustery winter weather

Cornell & Diehl - Pennington Gap 2oz
Nice and boozy, dark, rich. Burley and Perique are well represented

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
Dark fired domination
A fine powerful smoke. Dark and earthy with the power to wallop newbies to nicotine. I recommend using a pipe with a small bowl as a precaution. A Missouri Pride works well. You can always reload if you want more. I wasn't annoyed by the topping but found it detracting at times. Purely on personal taste, I prefer Peterson's University Flake.

Lane Limited - HGL
Codger gold
Wonderful smooth Cavendish forward blend. I wouldn't call it full-bodied but it's satisfying still and has a wonderful aroma.

G. L. Pease - Key Largo 8oz
Cigar key
As its namesake hints at, Key Largo is truly lovely. It’s very much a cigar forward pipe blend, with the sweet Virginias and tart Orientals enriching the creamy cigar wrapper. I find it full bodied enough to settle my pipe cravings for days. On opening my first tin, I was met with a blast of air that rolled out smelling faintly of manure and strongly of fermented vegetation. After the initial waft, the tin note settled into a mild vinegary red Virginia (McClelland like) riding over a Cigar note. The flakes were intact but delicate, with a perfect moisture content, easily rubbed out and ready to smoke. Key Largo lights up on the first match, produces voluminous smoke and smokes a bit dry. Pairs well with coffee, expresso, whiskeys and rum. In the pipe, the cigar is the lead of the show. Creamy, velvety, woodsy, earthy, full bodied and plenty of nicotine. The Virginia, bready, yeasty and sweet, supports, complementing the rich earthy, espresso cigar. The Oriental and Latakia work primarily in a small role, rarely coming to the forefront but enhancing the flavor profile of the leads. Key Largo is well balanced, reminding me of the smooth steady cigar note in Habana Daydream but slightly more dark and a level heavier. I’ve added this to my cellar list and bucket list. I need to get myself down to the Florida Keys if for no other reason than to enjoy the luxury of a beach and bowl at sunset. The room note and aftertaste are lingering and may dampen social interaction yet I'm absolutely positive there are many a bachelor who will be inclined to choose this absolutely superb pipe tobacco as an all-day smoke!

Warped - Sarto 2oz
Tin Art
The tin art is very well done. Refreshing color pallet and subject matter. The pose is majestic.

Cobblestone - Outdoors Hunting 1.75oz
First impressions
Nice blend mellow good times. Taste like tobacco

Mac Baren - HH Pure Virginia 1.75oz
This is the second Mac Baren HH blend that shook up my rotation. Pure Virginia is a WOW parade. The flue cured Virginia is somehow both aged and young simultaneously. It's like I'm smoking two pipes at once, a small bowl of young OGS and a large bowl of aged FVF. Its relatively cool smoking, with a capacious flavor. Rich, deep, malty and sweet, yet a bit of wood, a little tart and tangy citrus, grass and mild floralness. It leaves one satisfied with a nice nic kick, and no bite. No need to age, its amazing right out of the golden foil.

Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices 1.75oz
Let the cakes crumble where they will but this cake is nicely balanced, nutty, smoky, sweet, creamy, herbal. It smokes cool with no bite and has a great aftertaste. The blender says Bengal Slices is finished with a subtle top note, the result is a bright, sweet, and smoky blend with a lively, yet deep flavor and a unique aroma.

Mac Baren - HH Latakia Flake 1.75oz
Latakia Supremo
Reading through all the reviews since Latakia Flake debut, it's fair to conclude we are all shooketh. It's so totally different...wildly different, and it's so absolutely delicious. It's as if Mac Baren discovered the REAL way Latakia is best incorporated in a blend. Latakia Flake is a game changer... it cleared the battlefield for me. All the English blends I was working through... they're basically irrelevant. This blend sets the bar.

Lighters - Peterson Pipe Lighter Black
Directional Soft flame
Perfection, a wonderful directional soft flame for pipe smokers. This is a well made and sturdy lighter. I have two of these along with a collection of 40 zippos and a variety of other lighters. The directional flame makes it far superior to a bic or a normal zippo for the pipe enthusiast as one can avoid charing the rim of the pipe bowl AND avoid roasting your index finger with an awkwardly positioned lighter. It WILL NOT leak fluid and only deplete its reservoir through use. I also prefer it to the zippo pipe lighter. IT directs the flame naturally rather than you having to puff hardily to suck the flame down, making this pipe a less vigorous endeavor and compliments relaxation. It won't fight with wind but honestly neither will your pipe or most tobaccos. Smoking a pipe out in the wind isn't recommended. Find some shelter, pack your bowl and gently put this soft flame to leaf for a quiet relaxing pipe.

Amphora - Kentucky Blend 1.75oz
Tasty Burley smokiness
Kentucky has an awesome sweet, vinegary, hickory smoked bacon smell in the bag. It smokes with a similar flavor in the pipe. Well balanced with a bready Virginia, the smoke is thick with leading notes of savory smokey hickory, sweetness and spice. Supported by occasional smooth floral, woody, tart, and savory dryness. Medium to bold taste. Nice nic hit, probably best enjoyed in smaller sized pipes. It doesn't take much to enjoy the meaty BBQ smokey flavor of Kentucky. The flavor profile lands in a broadly appealing zone and should be very enjoyable for most every pipe enthusiasts. This is a winner from Amphora.

Amphora - Virginia Blend 1.75oz
Virginia simple
Nice bready bag note. Loads and lights with ease. Light, citrus grassy flavor profile. Lots of sweetness. Not much casing compared to other blends from Amphora. Occasionally I tasted a bit of that metallic, copper, chemical thing that OTC blends sometimes have.

Missouri Meerschaum - Mini Corncob Amber Stem Missouri Meerschaum
Uses: Tobacco pipe = NO; Made in America badge = Yes

G. L. Pease - Stratford 2oz
Reds & Perique
Yorktown meets Louisiana Perique! I was going to compare the Pease VaPers but then reading FriarAlcuin's review, he really nailed everything I was going to say. I second his conclusions. This is my favorite of the Pease VaPer blends, strong with Reds and perfectly balanced with Perique. A wonderful all day smoke.

G. L. Pease - Spark Plug 2oz
English at its best
Delicious. The Latakia is exotic. Incredible flavor and herbal, smokey richness.

Wessex - Burley Slice 50g
ABF meets BF#3. A rewarding medium/full bodied Burley blend. Consistent with prominent toasty notes of malt and coffee. Earthy nutty, walnut and cashew. Cocoa and carib. Wispy notes of cigar along with a fair amount of vitamin N.

G. L. Pease - Union Square 2oz
If you want to compare apples to apples, this is very similar to C&D Opening Night. I like this marginally better as to my taste there's more reds and less brights, making for a better flavor profile. I tend to smoke a lot of Capstan, Yorktown and Dunhill Flake. That rotation remains king.

G. L. Pease - Stonehenge Flake 2oz
Dark fruit
Wonderful VaPer in my opinion. Delightful Virginia spiced with generous portions of Burley and plummy, peppery rich perique.

G. L. Pease - Temple Bar 2oz
Barnyard goodness
No mold. That was a good start. On a barnyard scale of 1-10, the tin note is a strong 7. My tin did not smoke to the description. It smoked like a full bodied cigar. Kick back and relax. Not an all day smoke. Strength was 3 stars, room note was 5, taste was 4.5. Flavor profile was dark nutty, tangy, cocao, leather and espresso.

G. L. Pease - Windjammer 2oz
Navy Blazer
This is what I imagined a Navy flake would be like. Its fantastic! It has a rich but light fruity, sweet, salty, tin note. Doesn't need any drying. Medium to full bodied smoke. Its a creamy cocoa smooth blend of nutty, earthy burley supporting a delicious sweet, bready, zesty virginia. The plummy rich perique adds a good dose of dark fruit and pepper, kicking the flavor up to 5. The Cavendish and dark rum tie it all together with a unique harmony. Nice complexity as the bowl progresses.

Mac Baren - HH Bold Kentucky 1.75oz
Out of the park
Bk knocks every category out of the park! Price, ok maybe not price. Moving on! Presentation, gold foil. Flakes, compact perfectly moisture level, tight. Tin note, awesome combo of crispy bacon and vinegary tomato. Pipe pack, tight or loose, smokes great (does require occasional relight). Room note, amazing, best room note of any blend, toasted marshmallows. Nicotine, full throttle. Flavour, dark roasted coffee, espresso, smokey salty cocoa, sweet vinegary hay. The DF is the dominant consistent note throughout every bowl. Complexity is debatable, consistency is not. Wonderful smoke, top to bottom, every bowl.

Mac Baren - HH Burley Flake 1.75oz
Nutty smooth
A fine all -day burley flake for the nicotine warriors IMO. Also, a killer blend to break-in the day! Pairs well with a cup of Columbia Supreme. Be aware though, the nic hit usually zones you right out for that last quarter bowl. Yes, Mac Baren makes a world class offering of Burley loveliness with HH BurleyFlake. The Virginia and Kentucky condiment lands the flavor profile between ABF and Wessex's Burley Slice. Predominantly, there's a tasty interplay of lightly creamy cashew and bold Walnut (ever so faintly bitter) melding in a medium bodied smoke that's well balanced between sweet and savory. Secondary notes of cocoa, earth, mineral and espresso develop throughout the bowl and are prominent in the after-taste. A winner for the Burleyphiles!

Samuel Gawith - Navy Flake 50g
Salty Sea Smoke
First Impressions: flavor is marked at 4/5 but I find it exstreemly light in body. Grassy, lemony virgin with a very light application of Latakia. The Latakia adds a consistent saltiness and occasional wee bit of floral essens but is in small enough portions that a smokey note is hard to register. The rum is very light and for me offers a constant high note. Some drying can improve smoking quality.

G. L. Pease - Caravan 2oz
Turkish show
Very nice. G. L Pease never let's you down. Another fine blend. From the wonderful smokey tin note to the complex, smokey, nutty, woodsy, herbal, floral pipe experience, this is a showcase of Oriental tobacco. Remember, Latakia is fire cured Oriental leaf. The spice from the Izmir (my guess on what type of Oriental leaf) and smokeness from the Latakia grab you and spin you off your feet almost simultaneously on light up. If I was smoking this in a blind taste I would have attribute the spice and fruitiness to Perique. Definitely a winner. Very similar to Westminster with a bit heavier mouth feel.

Cornell & Diehl - Oriental Silk
Oriental forward
Ordered a small 1oz sample. The tobacco smells delicious in the bag. Hay, nutty, sugary and honey/vanilla note. In the pipe things get a little complicated. The combo of Oriental and perique catches your attention immediately with a double whammy of spice. For me, the spice is an annoying distraction. It really hits me in the front and middle of my tongue and distracts from the flavors I'm hoping to experience. The Orientals and Virginias battle for the top note like a pair of kittens with full tummies. Its hard to find that sweet nutty bag note but it's present ever so subtly. The citrusy and sweet hay notes from the virgina sometimes build with, but other times cross cancel, the sour and herbal floral notes of the Orientals. Hard blend to nail down.

Amphora - Burley 1.75oz
Amphora Burley: First impressions
Excited to get this pouch and sample the goods. Lots of positive reviews. Out of the pouch the tobacco appears very moist and heavily cased. Not a surprise, the pouch is inexpensive and burley... it's going to be good and cased. The cut is a chunky broken flake. Smells fantastic, cocoa and nutty and absolutely delicious. Pinching a big bunch together the tobacco stays in a tight ball. Too moist? It looks like it could turn into a goopy mess... but it actually smokes just fine (like Burley does). However, drying it out for 30+ minutes does improve its smoking properties. True to its Burley base, it burnes slow and smooth with a consistent baritone woodsy boom of flavor. Not so much nutty as it is smokey dark roasted espresso, molasses, cocoa and faintly cigar like. None of the typical young walnutty sour sharpness you get with the C&D Burley blends. The virgina plays a supporting role, softening the body of the smoke with a wee bit of hay and sweetness, but stays far in the background. Required very slow and deliberate cadence to make it sing. It pipes on the hot side if pushed but won't bite. That'll do Amphora, that'll do.

Missouri Meerschaum - Missouri Pride Straight
Smart Man's Workhorse
This little cob... what an epic workhorse! I own two dozen fancy artisan briar pipes and over 100 factory briar pipes, but I reach for this MP corncob at least 70% of the time. Cobs tend to smoke a wee bit sweeter than other pipe material and are less prone to ashy, harsh smokes. I thought of the PM as a cheap throw-away pipe for my truck when I bought it but the darn thing takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I'm still smoking it five years later and it smokes like a dream. The bowl offers a nice short 20 min smoke. If you want a longer smoke, repack the bowl. It doesn't need any rest. Its far more resistant to ghosting than a briar and typically you can smoke different blend genres back to back without any issues. Cobs travel better than any other pipe material, come apart easily and a small size lends itself to pack in a pipe roll or OTC pouch. Super easy to care for as well. When it gets a little funk (like all pipes will) swipe the bowl with alcohol or let it sit in the sun for 10 minutes. Done. No lengthy salt and spirit treatment needed. The pipe is resistant to overheating. If you break or lose it.... who cares, its cheap as hell and you can find them everywhere. Bang for the buck on any cob is HUGE!

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
First impressions
Delicious morning smoke. Can't beat the price.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Navy wins
Fantastic Va/Per. Can't beat the price in general and for the quality and flavor you get it deserves 5 stars.

Rattray's - Black Mallory 50g
Fantastic smoke in this genre. Highly recommend this wonderful blend

Cornell & Diehl - Oak Alley 2oz
Yes Please
Beautiful smoke! Very pleasing in my after dinner slot. Leads with the Virginias, tangy, sweet, and bready. Burley is earthy, nutty and a little sour. Both brown and white burle fight to dominate. The perique brings spice and plum. The Turkish is smoky, herbal, spicy, woody and faintly sour.

Warped - Until the End 2oz
Dark Chocolate
The tin note is an extraordinary imitation of chocolate. In the bowl, very smooth cool smoke with a dry earthy Maduro aftertaste. Notes of bread, hay, coffee, cocoa, amaretto. It starts out smooth and has a red wine like dry note, but it quickly develops earthy undertones 1/4 bowl in. I wouldn't call it robust. Nic hit starts about the same time. Relaxing, easy, smoke.

G. L. Pease - Piccadilly 2oz
Pipe Dreams!
A Virginia forward English blend, similar to EMP or Presbyterian. Absolutely delicious and satisfying. Very pleased. It hits that perfect bready, smokey, spicy note. "Its is a provocative Pease blend of several Virginia tobaccos, delicately spiced with Latakia, and finished with Louisiana Perique. The alluring flavor is revealed in layers throughout the smoke. It's lighter and sweeter than the others, but still rich, with hints of cinnamon and citrus. A perfect "English Breakfast Mixture."

G. L. Pease - Cairo 2oz
Cairo in a Cob
The Perique plays very well with the Virgina and Orientals (Izmir ?). It sweetens it up and takes the edge off the zest of the brighter Virginias. There's a nice spice to the Orientals. Great flavor profile. Its bready, nutty and sweet. The "wisper" of Perique in Cairo is just right for me. It plays in every puff, easily noticeable and really adds a fantastic subtle fruit note, very enjoyable.

G. L. Pease - Kensington 2oz
Smokey & Spicey
Delicious and smokey on the light up, the Cyprian Latakia and Oriental are very prominent but the bright and red Virginia quickly join in with a bready, zesty twang. I get a lot of Oriental spice on the edge of my tongue with this blend. The Oriental and Latakia kick up quite a strong smokey, spicey, woody, espresso note but never reach the smokey blast of a lat bomb. I'd call it a medium/full blend rather than light/medium.

G. L. Pease - Embarcadero 2oz
Perfect with Coffee
Embarcadero... a bowl of this is a journey! At the charing light you set sail from port Virginia, the red's are way out front initially, taking all the attention, sweet, grassy, bready, and mildly zesty. By midbowl a full nutty, earthy flavor from the Izmir reaches parity with the Virginia's. By the end of the bowl you're coming into dock at camp Izmir. The air is musty, deeper and earthy, a burley-esque type affair that is full bodied and satisfying. Perfect on a summer evening and equally apropo on a cold winter morning. Pairs well with coffee. A few relights. No bite.

Cornell & Diehl - Izmir Turkish 2oz
I'll lead with the fact that I'm hugely surprised by Izmir and thoroughly enjoy it. Its a very flavorful yet manageable solo smoke in a loosely packed bowl. It has a nutty, almond sweetness and walnutty sharpness in parallel with a tea like woody, umami, savory note. Though there's sweetness, its rounded and balanced by a subtle sour tartness. A floralness in the first half of the bowl is replaced by cocoa and spice in the second half. Its cool and full. Its very consistent in the flavor profile but the number of different tasting notes provides an enjoyable complexity for me personally. Honestly it's surprising how many different notes present in each bowl from this single tobacco varietal. I find it more complex and enjoyable than my favorite Virginias. One light with No bite! Keep in mind too, Oriental has the lowest amount of problematic chemicals so in relative terms its "healthy". My hat is off!

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd 8oz
Something is different...
Billy Budd has been my favorite blend since 2010. I've smoked loads of it over the years and the bold delicious flavor has never wavered between tins. However, in my most recent 8 oz tin, to my great dismay, the flavor was #[email protected]% awful. I tried it in a variety of briars and cobbs. No Bueno. The root cause is in the quality of Latakia. Obviously, Latakia has always dominate the blend. However, the Latakia in this tin had a horrible deep tar/Creosote note, as if during the manufacturing process the Turkish leaf was smoked over burning tires. The usual smokey, woody, herbal, rich and musty Latakia was entirely replaced with one note. Creosote. Where in the tins of the past, the Latakia masterfully played the star role leading the varietals in harmony, in this tin it savagely murders them and your taste buds. Hopefully this was just a bad batch and the blend hasn't changed. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9/6/21 update: I've sampled two additional 2oz tins and per my opinion, the blend has definitely changed. Is anyone else noticing this? I've tried all my pipes, then cleaned them and tried again. I’ve tried multiple tins. No change. Its definitely the Latakia. It's not the same star from past years. It now has a much deeper harsh tar/Creosote taste. The delicious nuances of herbal smokey earthy woodiness are gone. The harmony is gone. It totally ruins the blend. Where it used to lead the other varietals masterfully, it now destroys the blend with this terrifying tar note. Possibly the cigar leaf is different too. I'm only getting a handful of puffs during a bowl that resemble the blends original flavor profile. I'll try to call C&D and see if they can provide any insight. This blend has gone from favorite, to unsmokable.

G. L. Pease - Odyssey 2oz
First impressions: wow this was smokey and Full with a capital F. Calls for a big pipe to get the best flavor profile. On par with Nightcap for flavor and nic hit.

G. L. Pease - Robusto 2oz
One of the best
This is a powerhouses in the Cigar blend genre. The base flavor profile, a classic woody and smokey English, is paired with an unmistakably dark, earthy rich, cigar note. Extremely enjoyable, mildly complex and full bodied. The Virginia lays the foundation with notes of nut and wood. The smooth and smokey Cyprian Latakia teams up with the Oriental to produce overtones of smokey, nutty herbalness that combines richely with the espresso note from the Maduro. It's gorgeous! Behaves nicely on all fronts. Goes well after a big meal with a peaty scotch or coffee.

Peterson - University Flake 50g
High marks
This Va/bur gets high marks. Consistent, delicious and a nice nic hit. Its smooth but substantial and has a fullness to it from the Burley, which adds a consistent oily cocoa bean and earthy/ espresso note. The earthiness of the Burley is softened by the nutty, dark fruit note of the Virginias and a masterful top note (reportedly plum). For me the flavor profile is a trifecta of chocolate, nuts and cherry. Espresso notes develope midbowl. Fantastic smoke. Very consistent.

Cornell & Diehl - Stratfordshire
Mild Smokey Goodness
First Impressions: Well blended. I'm a fan of the classic flavors of unadulterated tobbaco leaf. I enjoy evening smokes that are Oriental forward with just a condiment level of Latakia. Stratfordshire's Latakia is in the vain of Presbyterian or Skiff Mixture, maybe sharper, but the Cavendish smoothes it out, pulls the punch a little, letting the brilliant C&D Virginia and Oriental play the citrusy, nutty, sweet notes. Just what I was looking for! A decade as a brother of the Briar has instilled appreciation for the adage "too much of a good thing" as applied to Latakia and Perique. I find this to be a brilliant all day blend. Personally I'll enjoy it as an evening smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Yale Mixture
Bush league
Couple complaints... the cut of the Latakia is rough, kind of wierd and the leaf tastes subpar. I wanted this to be as good or better than Lancer Slices. Its not. It smokes okay. The virgina is aged and offers a terrific tobacco flavor. Better than any OTC burley product. The Latakia isn't constant, or terrific, but pops and shows here and there producing a reasonable effect.

Cornell & Diehl - Red Odessa
Take your time
First impressions: Nice Oriental forward smoke. The red virgina adds a good bit of sweetness and hay to the nutty Oriental. The Latakia is very subtle in some parts of the bowl, to the point where I can sometimes feel it more than you I can taste it. The perique adds a dark fruit note and some pepper, but as a condiment only. The blend is well balanced. It's best early in the morning. The complexity is most notable in those early smokes. However, later in the day, when busy and multi-tasking its a more subtle smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Mountain Camp
Fire on the Mt.
Very nice full English. Love the flavor. But its a lat bomb and that's not my thing. Still appreciate it though and its a bulk!

Sutliff - 515 RC-1
Pickling time! Wait...what?
Sour bomb! What in the Heinze pickling vinegar is going on with this blend? The reds aren't that citrusy are they??? Its like the Blender spritzed Yorktown with apple vinegar. Seriously weird and STRONG vinegar odder in the tin and pipe. When the reds are this raw it will make your throat catch. Having said all that... I kind of like the after-taste. Not sure how to rate this? Its very unusual but like sour candy, enjoyable.

Sutliff - Ready Rubbed Match
Not making my rotation. Failed to impress in several ways.

Tampers & Tools - Joseph Rodgers Gentleman's Smokers Knife with Greenwood Inlay
Solid Craftsmanship
Very solid pipe tool. Mechanically the tool has solid design and manufacturing. The bolster pin pivot is smooth and tight for both the reamer and pick blade. Its light and compact. The pick is long but not delicate. Huge improvement over a Czech tool. One comment, the nail mark on the reamer blade could be deeper and longer for better us. It has that old scouts pocket knife vibe and it looks good in many environments. Ascetically its not fancy but one wouldn't look out of place using this tool in a sport coat and tie, or any other business casual setting.

Sutliff - 150 Mark Twain
To put it mildly...
This would be a great starter blend for someone new to pipes. The flavoring and casing aren't over done. The tobacco quality is good. No goopyness or mess. Won't bite your tongue unless you puff like a frieght train. It does require some drying time for the best smoke. Personally this blend is too mild for my taste and has no place in my rotation. I find it far more mild than any of the classic OTC blends.

Cornell & Diehl - Orion's Arrow
Guide the way!
First impressions: A well crafted blend! It has a solid body with a wonderful taste. Exstreemly satisfying full bodied smoke. Lots of sweetness, zest, grass and hay notes from the virgina mix in perfection with the nutty, woody, earthy, and peppery notes of the Oriental and Perique. Pops of tart and sour flit by. The Perique is matched perfectly with the VA. I believe OA just knocked a blend or two out of my rotation. Love it!

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Burley
I'm a fan. This is delightful. It smokes a little hot but without tongue bite. Nice strong nutty woodiness, not sour or tart. Subtle Cavendish quality to it, a smoothness that is not sweet but kind if creamy. It does have some subtle sweetness, chocolate like note, in the same manner as a good cigar.

Cornell & Diehl - Good Morning 2oz
Oriental forward
This a lovely mellow blend. My smoking technique is really important to get the most out of it. I loosely pack the pipe. This is key and fundamental to enjoy the taste profile (it asks for a fairly open draw). If I can smoke slowly, avoiding any overheating of the leaf with excessive frequent hard draws, I find a lovely consistent blend. Subtly complex, switching between Oriental and Virginia forward. The natural leaf flavors, typical of Virginia and Orientals, dominate with notes of hay, earth, nuts, wood, and mild citrus. Just a kiss of latakia smokiness sits in the background. A very mellow and mild tartness will develope occasionally throughout the bowl but is infrequent. The after taste is mature Virginia with a touch of the Oriental nutty/woodsyness. I enjoy Turkish tobacco and I could smoke this as an all day blend.

Cornell & Diehl - Snug Harbor
English/Aro Gold
Another Bob Runowski subtle wonder! Snug Harbor is the first new English/Aro I've tried in years. Totally love this blend. Its light, its delicious and packs a nice punch. This is going on my all day smoke list. You can light it and forget it. The topping is mildly noticeable at the start of a bowl but dwindles off to let the natural tobacco flavors take the staring role. The Burley and Oriental seem to dominate, teaming up for a consistent nutty, mild tart/sour note. That base is spiced up a notch with smokey note of Latakia, always on stage but way in the back. The perique, which is subtle, adds dark fruit and sweetness. The classic Runowski robust earthy C&D burley flavor is obvious, the topping and blending has it singing a slightly sweeter note than usual. If you're a fan of Bob's Pegasus blend, Haunted Bookshop or OJK, you will find familiar, but much lighter and sweet notes here. Highly recommend.

Sutliff - Balkan Sobranie Original Mix Match
Smokey Goodness
First Impressions: decent quality tobacco, well blended. Latakia doesn't over power. Delicious. As good as any of the expensive lat bombs you can buy in the tin. Smokey, yet Nice and creamy

Romeo y Julieta - Reserva Real Churchill
Romeo y Julieta totally lives up to its reputation! God blessed! This is a fantastic cigar. Consistent flavor profile throughout. Of all the cigars I've reviewed this is my favorite. Construction is impeccable. Little maintenance is needed to get the cigar going and it retains its shape perfectly. Smooth, medium bodied and creamy, with delicious notes of leather, tea, sweet spices, fresh-cut cedar, and toasted sesame seeds dominate throughout the smoke. Supporting notes of cashews and white pepper grow in the last half. Incredibly approachable. This is a glorious morning stick and a wonderful "All Day" smoke.

Ashton - Classic Prime Minister
first impressions
Oh yeah👌! smooth, creamy mild and just awesome stick. Just nailed the perfect mild smoke for me. Everything was just right. Flavor profile was creamy leather, tea, nutty, with a hint of spice, mildly savory and peppery. No bitterness or earthiness. Great Sunday morning stick but really hits every note any time of day. Very lovely.

Solani - Virginia Flake - 633 50g
First impressions
I was really excited to try this. It was an unexpected and interesting smoke. Very mild and soft. For me it falls on the VaPer side of the line, but just barely. Regrettable I'm not much of a VaPer fan. As far as my Virginia rotation this will not be replacing anything, nor will it be added. I prefer Yorktown or my aged FVF, Dunhill Flake and Capstan Blue. From a Virginia point of view (and the flavor profile I enjoy in that varietal) this blend doesn't touch those blends. FYI - I do highly recommend Solani Aged Burley Flake. It may be one of the top 5 pipe blends ever produced.

Peterson - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
first Impressions
VaPer's are hit or miss for me as on occasion Perique taste like spoiled burley... as fermented burley will... lol. It guess I'm sensitive to it. This one didn't connect with me. The after-taste didn't sit well with me at all. I thought I'd like it due to the low percentage of Perique. Nope. Bit of a cigarette taste and the Perique had a cloying aspect for me. It was lengthy and pronounced. Like a sickly sweet port flavor deep in the lining of my mouth.Yeah I really didn't like this.

Camacho - Connecticut Toro
Morning champ
Exstreemly satisfying smoke, especially in the midmorning. Great mouth feel, mild to medium body but creamy and sweet with notes of toast, hay, pine nuts and leather. No bitterness at all. Very satisfying! It's mild in nicotine but don't make the mistake of smoking the whole thing on an early morning empty stomach! Have some toast and coffee with your smoke in the morning. It's a premium cigar! It will take you for a ride on an empty stomach.

Brick House - Double Connecticut Toro
Connected in Connecticut
Wonderful stick! I enjoyed this far more than the Gold Label Tudor I had recently. The DC is mild bodied but complex. The description notes "Boasting notes of cream, hay, espresso, peanuts, and sweet honey, Double Connecticut is a cigar for lovers of Connecticut leaf and one that exemplifies the tobacco's flavor profile for a mild smoke that doesn't disappoint." Personally I found it mildly creamy, nutty, with notes of tea, cocoa, and light sweet espresso in the 2nd third. There was a wonderful honey and vanilla note in the smoke off the foot. Very pleasing room note.

Macanudo - Gold Label Tudor
First impressions
Interesting stick, dominant coffee bean note. Notes of bitterness, mild leather, mild nuttiness and a bit of a strong unflavored soda note in the nasal. It was over the line for me in regards to the bitter note.

La Aroma de Cuba - Edición Especial #1
First impressions
Solid medium bodied stick, earthy, espresso, and woody notes. Savory flavor, slightly leaning into rich, from the Nicaraguan fillers encased in an Ecuadorian Cuban-seed wrapper. Great stick for the late afternoon or evening

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
First impressions
Kind of a lat bomb but still mild to medium bodied. I could smoke this all afternoon but not all day. The Virginias have notes of tangy lemon and citrus, grass, and hay. The Orientals are in third place with a floral and sour, nutty, earthy, pepper note. Ver well balanced. Not a standout smoke for me personally. I have many English blends I prefer over this, but the price in bulk offers a reall value. I'm going to spend more time with it. Pretty cool and smooth smoke. Nic hit is medium.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed
First impressions
Nice smoke. Dark, sweet, smokey. Tasty and a good nic hit.

Cornell & Diehl - Pegasus
First impressions
I'm surprised to see all the love here for this old codger style blend. That's pretty cool. It's a pleasing burley forward blend, slightly sweet, nutty, bready, with mild espresso notes. What I really like about Pegasus is the balance in the blend. That classic C&D strong bitter earthy walnut note (young white burley?) that really dominates so many of their burley blends is finally tamed thank God. I find the bitter note really offputting if too strong. This wasn't an issue for Pegasus. The Cavendish, Virginia and topping seem to add enough sweetness to balance Pegasus perfectly. The Virginia also adds a notes of grass and hay. The cavendish smooths out the burleys even more, filling in all gaps with a little dark sugar. Good candidate for an all day smoke. Pace yourself and it won't bite.

Perdomo - Reserve Champagne 10th Anniversary Torpedo
5 Stars - Just Wow!
Wow. I loved this stick! The construction had a few minor flaws, burn was uneven and needed constant attention in the first 1/3. However, the description is right on the mark. From first puff the flavor profile is incredibly satisfying. I was really floored by the mouth feel of what is essentially a mild cigar. It's super creamy, with notes of leather, cashew, Brazil nut, yeast, and wheat with subtle sweetness. In the second half a champagne soda note builds as the cigar ramps up. This light pepper and yeasty soda note is very noticeable in the retrohale. In the larger cigar sizes, the Nicaraguan may sneak up on you. Very lovely cigar!

NUB - Connecticut 460
Short stuff
Nice tight and well constructed cigar. Mild to Medium bodied, soft and approachable with light creamy notes of leather, cold butter, pine nut and in the last third, cedar wood and white pepper. Good 40 minute smoke. Mellow smokers, who crave the popular nub size but always felt left out due to the strength, now have a version to enjoy. A buttery smooth Connecticut wrapper softens the blend to accommodate the palates of cigar enthusiasts who are looking for subtle flavors.

Cornell & Diehl - Big 'n' Burley
Burley Flake #6?
Impressive manly smoke. This blend has some earthy might. It's very much similar to the blends in the C&D Burley Flake series. The nicotine power is noticeable right away in the first 1/4 of the bowl. It comes out and slaps you across the face. The Burley is young and way out front with strong woody, nutty, earthy notes. From the Orientals there's a sweetness and gentle walnut note with a hint of bitter and sour that is ever present. The Perique and Latakia are sparse condiments adding occasional complexity. This is not an all day or a big bowl smoke. There's an occasional harshness and the bitterness sometimes builds to an offputting level, but the nic hit is lovely and ... well let's call it an acquired taste. I always have a blend like this around for the quick 10 minute stress pipe. It would be interesting to smoke this along with the Burley Flake series and see how they stack up.

Peter Stokkebye - PS306 English Oriental Supreme
First impressions
Nice mild and pleasant smoke. Surprising consistency in the flavor with all that's going on here. The Orientals and burley are out front with a combined nutty woody and earthy notes. Theres also a very gentle peppery, faint bitter walnut. The Virginia is citrusy and grassy. The Latakia is a sparse condiment offering herbal, floral, smokiness. The black cavendish offers a lot of sweetness. The topping is mild. Pretty much everything is in the mild to medium range. This could be an all day smoke. It does have a little spice so that might not fit everyone.

Sir Walter Raleigh - Regular 1.5oz
OTC Legend
Legendary Codger OTC blend from the 1920's. Super simple and rather tasty. Take your pipe, scoop it through the bag filling up your bowl with this weird granola cut. Tamp a little... and you're ready to smoke. Typically only takes one light. Flavor runs steady through the whole bowl, lightly nutty, with hints of cocoa, coffee and molasses. Pretty well behaved and cool smoking if you keep a good 30 sec between puffs. Not goopy or suffering from harsh spots or chemical taste. Just cool sweet nutty burley. Makes a great companion any time of day. I prefer it in a small cobb like the Missouri Pride. The OTC pouch is pretty sturdy and I like to use it as a poor man's carrying case. It will hold a small pipe (stem and bowl separated), Czech tool, lighter, and several bowls of tobacco and still roll up nice and tight and fit right in your coat or shirt pocket. Very handy! Taking into consideration the blends history, simplicity, great price, wide distribution, pleasing flavor profile and cool smoking all day attributes, I give it 5 stars. Simply lovely!

Oliva - Serie G Cameroon Special G
Too Short
Thought I'd give it a try as a quick morning smoke. Didn't work for me. Too short and flavor was impacted by the hot coal at this length.... meh. Won't buy it again.

Planta - Full English
First impressions
Gold in a jar

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
First impressions
PS Cube Cut is another bulk blend that's just blowing my mind! It's absolutely delicious. The toasted, mildly nutty, earthy Burley lead and meld with the sweet bready Cavendish pressed red Virginia. Mutted and smoothed notes of honey, dark molasses, cocoa, mild cigar and coffee develop throughout the bowl. If packed loose it can be a light smoke, or if packed more firm, a subtle but wonderful medium bodied edge comes out in the blend. This is like a dark nutty version of Superior Navy Flake. I love the Cavindish note in the retrohale. It has a faint spice if pushed hard. The nic hit is mild in a medium bowl. Rubbing out the cubes makes it easier to light. In the pipe it smolders but burns pretty steady. Lots of tamping and fusing will keep you lit and happily puffing.

Peter Stokkebye - PS402 Luxury Twist Flake
First impressions
First impressions: Ooh very sophisticated. This cavendish treatment on a Virginia is very well done. I'm impressed. Very smooth, no bite, wonderful delicious old timey Cavendish retrohale. It's really good. I find myself retrohaling almost every puff. The flavoring is subtle but present on every puff. The grassy citrusy Virginia is in some weird space between sun cured and dark fired. Very interesting. It's great on its own but would work well as a condiment tobacco too.

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
1 lb Orders
Delicious and cheap. Buy it by the pound while you can

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
First impressions
First Impression: bready, molasses, hints of toast, buttery, honey and dark Virginias, faint hints of a Cavendish like sweetness and smoothnes on the retrohale. Absolutely delish. Seemed to get a little bit hot and spicy if pushed

Mac Baren - Symphony
First impressions
First impressions: My 1 oz bulk order came a bit on the dry side. Really struggling to get past the bite and enjoy the flavor. Smells great on the light and I get some sweet cocoa and nutty notes. Regrettably I also get a crazy amount of BITE and a weird spicy thing going on all along the edge of my tongue. Not having fun. I've smoked a good amount of OTC blends recently and they were much, much, much more well behaved (in this same pipe) then lady Symphony. I don't know if it's a mouth chemistry issue or what but ... Thumbs down

Mac Baren - Golden Extra
First impressions
First impression: Classic Burley flavor, nutty and earthy. The Virginia is way in the back but its sweetening impact, enhanced by the chocolate flavoring, greatly mutes the burley's more tangy sour notes. Coffee and espresso notes develope midbowl. A few minor harsh spots here and there. In general though very smooth and simple in its burley earthiness. Just sweet enough to be an all day smoke. A little monochromatic in its simple flavor profile. Would blend well. Doesn't seem prone to bite.

G. L. Pease - Westminster 2oz
Rich, floral, smokey
First impressions: tasty, very interesting, all the normal english stuff, a healthy does of smokey Latakia. Not overpowering though. Not a lat bomb. Virginia are bready and sweet. Mostly in the background compared to the Orientals. The Orientals have a nice woody, herbal, sweet floral note. Very prominent, a real bouquet of floral notes actually. Unusually fragrant in my experience. I quite like it. I find the ingredients fairly balanced. High quality tobacco, more flavor, more complexity and Latakia then a typical medium bodied blend.

F & K - Lancer Slices
First impressions: Meaty, sweet and smokey. I get a little bit of a floral or fruity note at the top of each puff. Is that the Virginia? I can't quite place it, reminds me of a Lakeland. According to the description it's not flavored. Maybe that's just the herbs in the Latakia? Having grown up with a lot of campfires and spent a fare amount of time trying to keep the smoke out of my eyes and throat (though it annoyingly seemed to follow me everywhere) I don't mind a bit of the woody smokiness but ive had my share of that taste already and I'm not that enamored with Latakia in general because of it. I need a lot more in a blend to make it interesting. For me, this can be a fantastic winter smoke but not a daily. Update: few more bowls, actually the Latakia seems pretty well balanced with the Virginia. Kind of growing on me.

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 1.5oz Pouch
OTC Legend
The variety of all things pipe, from the tobacco blends to the lighters, drive my pipe enthusiasm. I find my self collecting all of it, pipes, tins, tampers, lighters, ashtrays, pouches and everything related. There's a process of maturity in the research and historical revelation discovered as a collector. You learn to respect and adore the old brands and old codgers. Carter Hall is one of those discoverys. That drugstore pouch is a venerable old blend, in production since 1950, while its current blender, John Middleton, Inc. Has been around since 1895. Generations of pipe smokers have loved and enjoyed the blend. In the pouch it's a rough cut mixture of burley with a little bit of Virginia. The tobacco looks and feels natural, its not goopy, its organic to the touch and its actually the perfect moisture level, its dry enough to smoke when you open it. The pouch note is nutty, almond and sweet. You can smell a flavoring but make no mistake, this is an old school American burley. In the bowl it lights easily and rewards you with rich notes of toasted pine tips, earth, wood and espresso. The burley melds effortlessly with the grassy citrusy and sweet Virginia for a very natural tobacco taste. The Bourbon topping tingles my tongue occasionally and the Cocoa / Chocolate flavor is very subtle. It's delicious and an easy choice for an all day smoke. Quality and value.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Winning Balkan Bulk Buy
I love finding these bulk blends that totally deliver. Arango's Balkan Supreme gives the best of the tin blends a run for their money. It's delicious, reasonably balanced, and has a really nice creamy full mouth feel from the Black Cavendish's interplay with the smokey herbal Latakia. The Latakia plays a big forward role, but the cavendish is really affective in softening the dark edges of this lat-bomb. Tasty waves of Cavendish and Latakia interplay with a strong note of fine turkish Samsun, with a bit of floral, spicy, nutty sweetness. The Virginia is much harder to detect but offers a touch of grassy citrus. A real meal but not overwhelming, its just right. The nic hit is mild, even in a large bowl. 4 stars for me. Definitely a lat-bomb but its really good and beats the random English blends I have open right now (Artisan Blend, Skiff mixture, Margate).

Amphora - Original Blend 1.75oz
Morning, noon and night
First impressions: The flavoring is really affective. The Cocoa/Chocolate is very subtle but the way it highlights and sets off the kitchen sink of varietals is absolutely delicious. Very smooth. With so much going on here the blend is surprisingly consistent and steady in its note. Burley, Cavendish, Kentucky, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia oh my! I did detect a faint chemical note here and there.

Velvet - Velvet 1.5oz
I love Prince Albert. I thought that meant I would like Velvet as well.... but... it's not for me. I get bit every bowl and the flavor isn't worth the work.

Lighters - Peterson Silver Stripe Pipe Lighter
Long life
This is my main lighter. Thank you Peterson. It released me from all the drawbacks of matches and zippos. The price is a bit high but fair. It looks classy and has the provenance of Peterson. Its easy to fill. It works with any fuel. It works in the wind. It lights every time. It sounds cool when opened, lit and shut. It doesn't lose its fluid. Let me say that again! IT DOESN'T LOSE ITS FLUID!!! A single fluid fill will typically last two months for this everyday pipe smoker. Its easy to control the flame size. Its easy to clean. Its easy to change flints. I salute you Peterson lighter.

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 1.5oz
Best All Day Smoke
On my 10 year Brother of the Briar anniversary I decided to come down out of the heavens of luxury pipe tobacco blends and try a couple OTC blends for the first time. Some were as bad as everyone says, couple have been okay, but Prince Albert blew my hair back! I love this blend. It has taken the title belt of best all day smoke in my rotation.

Cornell & Diehl - Yorktown 2oz
Best all day
No question, this is a 5 star straight virginia blend. Delicious in a Cob or briar. I find it complex and very refreshing in this genre. Even in a rather dry state, it smokes very well. Based on the uniform blond crimp cut, I was expecting a young grassy smoke. Not the case however. This is a Burley lovers Virginia. The stoved Reds lead with dark fruit, walnuts, and a sweet medium bodied espresso note. The blend tips to the "Bakery" or "fall harvest" flavors, with notes of hearty crusty bread, bailed hay, earthy fresh cut fields and cedar. Coming in as supporting actress to that lead is the bright virginia with a grassiness, citrus, tang and a wee bit of honey. The flavors are right in my preferred goldilock zone between bright and dark Virginia. I've smoked loads of top Virginia blends, FVF and Dunhill Flake for example and they take considerable aging to hit the kind of deep flavor profile that Yorktown is producing fresh out of the tin. Truly unique balance in my experience. I love it! All day smoke. Blending potential. Great bang for the buck! Yorktown takes my #1 Virginia spot... and I can get it in bulk! Simply gorgeous.

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
Delicious Oriental dominated blend. Tangy, smokey, nutty, delicious

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
Amazing smoke very delicious and satisfying

St. Bruno - Flake 1.75oz
Lovely Virginia flake with a light topping. Tin note has a bit of pickling or vinegar smell over the sweet figgy Virginia. In the bowl it smokes well and is very well behaved. Bright and dark flake are represented in the flavor profile but it seems the dark dominates with an earthy, baked bread and toasted walnut note. Smokes a bit dry. Flakes were ready to go right out of the tin and didn't require drying. I found it very enjoyable but need to look up the toppings. Its unclear if it still has tonquin. That stuff is banned where this product is made. Along with FVF and Peterson Dunhill Flake the price per oz is in the $8.00 range and that's really high. If your penny pinching Bulk blends are a much smarter route. There are several amazing bulk Virginia blends in the $3.00/oz range.

Peterson - Early Morning Pipe 50g
This is the good stuff
God it's good to have this tasty smoke back in the saddle again. Pipe of this and a black coffee is the best start of a day. Early Morning Pipe has a pedigree that's pretty hard to match. Its origins began in the "My Mixture" book started by legendary bespoke blender and businessman Alfred Dunhill in 1907. True to its name, it's a great day starter. It's smooth, pleasant, delicious and its toasted barley sweetness pairs wonderfully with that morning coffee. The flavor and nicotine are in the goldilock zone for a brilliant all day smoke. The tin note is something of a signature for the Dunhill blends. Like a fine scotch it has a toasted barley and fired peat note. It always reminds me of Laphroaig. The star of this ribbon cut show is the tangy, nutty, earthy Orientals. The Virginias, lightly pressed and lightly stoved add a note of hay, barely, and bread with a good amount of sweetness and theres a touch of smokey/earthy Latakia that is absolutely lovely and well done. Perfect on an otherwise empty stomach (mild nicotine hit). The blend is a marvelous and delicious wonder that six generations of pipe enthusiasts have fallen in love with. Thank you Alfred!

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd 8oz
The best
Billy budd and Nightcap are my hero English blends. I don't need anything else.

Robert Lewis - 123 Mixture 50g
Wonderful english with cigar notes. Very smooth with the Cavendish. Melds and mellows the cigar and Latakia. Very relaxing.

Peterson - Flake 50g
King of Virginia tobacco for me. Delicious dark fruit, toasted and nutty. Super satisfying.

Murray's - 1A Linfield 1.75oz
Well balanced mild english. Wonderful smoke.

James J. Fox - Banker's 50g
Run on bank
Nice medium bodied english with a splash of cigar leaf. Very well balanced and satisfying.

Hearth & Home - Magnum Opus 1.75oz
Opus 1
Fine rich buttery nutty smokey and well balanced. Delicious

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Bayou Morning

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Snug Harbor

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Full Virginia Flake 50g

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Black XX 50g

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Prince Albert
Prince Albert 1.5oz

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Nightcap 50g

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Flake 50g

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Early Morning Pipe 50g

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De Luxe Navy Rolls 50g

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Mac Baren
HH Pure Virginia 1.75oz

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Mac Baren
HH Latakia Flake 1.75oz

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Mac Baren
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Mac Baren
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Stonehaven 2oz

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Penzance 2oz

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Carter Hall
Carter Hall 1.5oz Pouch

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G. L. Pease
Windjammer 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Westminster 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Stratford 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Spark Plug 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Robusto 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Quiet Nights 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Piccadilly 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Maltese Falcon 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Key Largo 2oz

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G. L. Pease
JackKnife Plug 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Haddo's Delight 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Embarcadero 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Cairo 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Pegasus 2oz

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Flake Yellow 1.75oz

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Flake Blue 1.75oz

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Tudor Cafe

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    Fine Art, Cartooning, and Pipe Smoking: Jim Amash
  • ► @Martin K I was literally just thinking the exact opposite. It's all of the older guys, who've smoked a lot of varietals and blends from the various genres who recognize the genius of his 2000 reviews. Let's be real, there's a huge variety of blends but most are built to cater to the masses from the same varietals. Watch the mystery tobacco reviews. Those professionals have a hard time identifying their favorite blends. Is it his reviews or the blends that are so similar? That and all the smoking doesn't do the old tastebuds any favors.
  • ► This article was a nice surprise! I've literally studied so many of the JimInks reviews. To say his work plays heavy in my blend research is putting it lightly. Literally, i have several Excel files, exports from, sorted for his two-cents. His work led me to Orientals, now my favorite leaf. Respectfully Sir. I tip my hat to you. Nice to put a face to JimInks. Thank you so much for each and every review and all your time! It's exstreemly appreciated and a tremendous value to the community. Five stars for you!