CAO - Bella Vanilla 50g
You gotta really love vanilla
Yup.. you really really have to love vanilla. You can tell that they were shooting for vanilla... they got vanilla!

CAO - Eileen's Dream 50g
Will do in a pinch..
I have to admit, I've been spoiled by the quality of Dan Tobaccos, so when the imports from Dan ran dry and CAO showed up with these blends, I gave this a try. I was disappointed in the flavor. I sensed the Irish Cream undertone, but there was something about the choice of tobacco that didn't sit well with my palette.

CAO - Cherrybomb 50g
Oh, my GOSH!
Who bombed the cherry factory!? No, really, I opened the tin and was so overpowered by the sickeningly sweet smell of cherry, it made me ill. Fair warning, if you're going to put this in a pipe, make it one of your 'throw aways'. There's not telling if that taste will ever leave it.

Dan Tobacco - Milonga 50g
Let the dancing begin!
An avid Da Vinci smoker, I sought an alternate smoke that would both add diversity to my palette menu, and serve as a go-to alternate, should suppliers run short on Da Vinci (and they often do). Milongo took my by surprise, with its soft caramel undertones, lightly layered with the hint of vanilla. The flavor, true to Dan Tobaccos, actually shows up on the palette and stays with you well towards the end of the bowl. Outstanding!

Dan Tobacco - Da Vinci 50g
The Rolls Royce of fine tobacco
I.. I can't really put it in words *sniff* .. this tobacco is simply heaven sent :) True story... I was just about to lay my pipe down for good.. because I could not find a decent pipe tobacco (or one that suited my taste)... and then I picked up a tin of Da Vinci, noting the promise of Tuscan Cianti overtones --- it has been a wild love affair ever since... rock on, Dan Tobacco!

Dan Tobacco - Blue Note 50g
A bit strong on the nose when you first crack the tin, almost overly sweet. But, once you've lit your bowl, it lays on the tongue with sweet fruity wine overtones... with a little stronger than mild flavor. A big plus that I've discovered with Blue Note, is that once it has dried out a bit, a carefully packed bowl will retain its flavor through a couple of re-lites and near to the bottom of the bowl. It makes for a nice palette change.

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