Former - Cross Grain Flake 50g
VaPer for non-Perique people
I bought this a from SP a few years ago because of the touted similarity to Capstan. Perique is my kryptonite but I bought it anyway. I'm glad I did. Yes the Perique is there but it has its place in the blend and is not annoyingly forward. There is an added sweetness to the VAs but is very well balanced. It burns well out of the tin and has predictable flake priorities. It can get a little warm if you push it but should be manageable for VA fans. I'm a FVF smoker and CGF has a permanent spot in my rotation. Kudos to the blender. Tasty stuff. I would however give it a little time in the cellar before opening, as I did mine. I think all VAs shouldn't be opened for 6 months after tinning. Kinda like brewing cider. Time mellows it and rounds out the flavor.

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