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Stands & Pouches - Peterson Classic 1 Pipe Tobacco Pouch
Excellent Value
Excellent value. Old workhorse.

Peterson - 1865 Mixture 100g
Clean Taste & Burn
I smoked a tin and can report it was delightful. The smoke was clean with latakia and a hint of spice. Burns smooth cool and to nice white ash. Goes great with a nice cup of dark roasted coffee. Peterson at it's best !!

G. L. Pease - Sixpence 8oz
This is a smooth smoke, with great earthly overtones. This is a great smoke in the afternoon, with that noon coffee or tea.

Cornell & Diehl - Tuskegee Airman 2oz
This is a great blend to age. Certainly can be smoke right after buying it. Nice blend of cool Latakia and spicy Perique flavors, well balanced, and sweet. If you like medium to heavy "English" blends, this is an excellent choice. As with all C&D blends I tried, it smokes to a nice white/gray ash.

Dunhill - Durbar 50g
Slow Burning
This smoke likes to slow burn, and has nice spicy overtones, and burns to a nice ash. Quality blend from Dunhill.

Cornell & Diehl - Epiphany 2oz
I ordered the English Sampler, and with all C & D blends I was not let-down. This is a milder blend than I am use to, had a wonderful taste, with spicy notes balance with just enough Perique. Burely dominated throughout the smoke, room note is pleasant. If your looking for a mild English blend, try a tin.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 100g
After reading the reviews, I decided to try this blend. I was not disapointed after smoking my first tin. Clearly I will be buying more of this in the future. The flavor is excellent, tobacco smoke cool, and burns slowly to a nice white ash. The reviews nor the smoke did not let me down.

Dunhill - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
Nice Smoke
This is a nice smoke, open the tin get surrounded by aroma of pastry and raisins. Cut packs well, and lights well out of the tin. The smoke appeared creamy, soft, and as mentioned a hint of Perque. I never smoked the original can't comment on a comparison. To it is a mellow mild smoke, enjoyable in the late afternoon or early evening. I would recommend it, although I found myself wanting more preque.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate 2oz
As with all C&D tobacco this is a true joy to smoke. Rich flavor explodes in your mouth. Truly excellent with Barry's tea. You like a full flavored tobacco this is a must try. Latakia mixture with smooth nutty taste. Burns cool and to a complete white ash.

Cornell & Diehl - Tuskegee Airman 8oz
Excellent Smoke
This smoke is simply excellent. If you like a bold taste with Perique and Turkish blend this is a must. While is smokes cool and to a white ash, you will get a favorable bold taste. The tobacco breaks easily and can be rubbed out to your desired amount.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe
Every Morning
I been smoking this for years in the morning, can't get through a day without it. Excellent smoke for your first pipe. It has a slight tang, and is great with Irish Tea to start the day. Highly recommend it !

Cornell & Diehl - Three Friars 2oz
good smoke
Another good tobacco from C & D. The burley is greatly pronounced with enough preique to tickle the taste buds.

Dunhill - Flake 50g
This blend is a must have for those that love Virginia flavor. Has a well-balanced flavor smoking evenly, not harsh or bold, but smooth. The flavors are perfectly married together.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 16oz
Full Flavor
I bought the English sampler of C&D, a came across this blend. Immediately I enjoyed it, Latakia amount is high, and tastes excellent. The tobacco smokes evenly, and burns to a white ash afterwards. If you like Latakia, this is clearly for you. High Recommended !

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
Latakia dream
As it states, if you love Latakia, this is a blend for you. It is a strong Latakia taste, it is all in balance with other flavors. Great with a freshly brewed coffee! The taste is bold, the tobacco burns to a nice white ash. The blend smokes cool and even, releasing a consistent Latakia flavor, very well married with dark Kentucky flavors. Highly Recommended.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
I been smoking this for years, and can't think of a morning I started my day without it. This is a smooth smoking blend, with mild spice and sweetness that won't bite. This blend will smoke smooth right from the tin, with just the right amount of moisture. If you never have smoked it, it is a must.

Deluxe System (2S) P-Lip

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Holiday Season 2015 100g

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G. L. Pease
Navigator 2oz

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Balkan Mixture 50g

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G. L. Pease
Westminster 16oz

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