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Sutliff - Creme Brulee
Too much by itself
While I can appreciate the delicious aroma and flavor of this offering, it's way too much for me all by itself. I use it to add flavor to some of my personal aro blends. Not to mention that it's the wettest and most sticky tobacco I've ever experienced. Just look at that pic above! I tried smoking it all by itself once, it didn't like to burn, and it left my pipe all swampy with big mud puddle in the bowl. Didn't like that one bit, however it is a nice flavor adding ingredient, so I will likely always have some on hand for limited use for that purpose.

McClelland - RSVP - Invitation
J'aime ce tabac, plus s'il vous plait
While I do mostly agree with the flavor profiles described by Ayax G in the review below, I don't find RSVP boring at all, in fact I very much enjoy it. "Soaking wet" does not accurately describe the product I have in my possession, at least to my standards. This is my go-to tobacco when I'm looking for a mellow aromatic with good tobacco flavor. The right proportions of Cavendish, burley and Virginia makes that possible. This is one of the few bulk aros in my rotation that I don't blend with something else, I like it as is. Mellow and satisfying in one bowl.

Vauen - Auenland 50g
Very surprised!
I like to try some new and different tobaccos every now and then, and ordered this one based on the reviews. Tin note has big peach right out front as well as citrus. I honestly didn't think I would like it, however within the first few draws I could tell this was a keeper. It's definitely a mild tobacco, but the flavor is very refreshing, as noted by others in reviews here. I absolutely agree with "big smoke" that this would be a phenomenal summer time tobacco

Brigham - Klondike Gold 50g
Go for the gold
I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said in the reviews. I folded some into my La Rocca rhodesian and warmed it nicely while sipping a Sanpellegrino pomegranate and orange. It was a really great combo. The flake burned nicely to a fine ash with great Virginia flavor to the end. Will buy again

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Royal 3.5oz
Very good
Purchased on a whim based on the good reviews and glad I did. Tin note has a touch of fruit/raisin to me and has great subtle flavors while smoking. Moist but not goopy, stays lit easily and tastes great to the end. This has immediately moved into my rotation as one that i can smoke at any time and not likely ever grow tired of. Update: The more I smoke this one the more I like it. It's really become a favorite of mine. Great for any occasion

McClelland - VBC - Vanilla Black Cavendish
Smooth and classy
You can't go wrong with VBC, as others have noted, it's very smooth, excellent room note with good vanilla flavor and no bite. Vanilla flavor is subtle and smooth, burns well. As far as aromatics are concerned it's one of the best in my opinion. Smooth and classy, it's not abnormal to have strangers compliment the smell of your smoke when you have VBC in the bowl.

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Must try for vanilla lovers
If you're a fan of vanilla flavored aromatics, this is a must try. Pouch note hits you hard with vanilla. It's smooth tasting with a vanilla flavor that's strong. I do like to puff on it by itself once in a while, but only in moderation, it's almost TOO vanilla for an every day smoke. However, blending it 50/50 with BC-A tones it down a bit and produces one of my favorite aromatic smokes

RSVP - Invitation

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