About Me:
I've been enjoying the pipe hobby since 1986. I started with captain black and then smoked for a number of years a great 307 aromatic from from Nat Sherman. I have since moved on the english and virginia blends. I have around 50 different blends to choose from when considering a smoke to sit down and relax to. I also have been cellaring my favorite blends. I own several Dunhills, a few Bonfigliolis, Stanwell, a few Petersons, Lasse Skovgaard, L'anatra 2013 Calenda, and a Gio pipe. I recently acquisition a few estates pipes such as a Peterson's Sherlock Holmes Hanson, Eric Nording Aristocrate (Extra), Castello Sea Rock KKKK 1966, Castello Sea Rock Omm Paul G 97, Bonacquisti (sobbla blast) 2003 , which are absolutely stunning and great smokers! I visited the brick and mortar pipe & cigar shop in Little River SC May 19, 2014. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me a tour of their operation. I now can put a name to a face when I call for more baccy that I don't need. Great bunch of guys!

Esoterica - Stonehaven 8oz
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Hal O' The Wynd 100g

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Penzance 8oz

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Flake 50g

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Scottish Cake 50g

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