Guy C.

G. L. Pease - Windjammer 2oz
The answer is blowin' in the wind
This stuff is great! Flavors of rasins and currents a hint of booze. This is a very well balanced VaPer. I even love the cut of this tobacco, easy to fill your pipe easy to burn, maybe just a bit on the fast side of things. Leaves my mouth moist not dry like some tobaccos, which is a real plus. I guess, I am saying I like the cut of it's jib.

Cult - Profile 50g
I don't get it.
This is not a Cult winner in my opinion. If you like cigarettes you might like this concoction. Cult has better offerings like Anonymous or Blood Red Moon to fill your pipe with. I am going to cellar the other tins I have of this and see if it improves with age. Its funny you smell the vanilla in the tin note but do not get it in the smoke at all. Ya I just don't get it. Sorry Cult.

Cult - Conspiracy 50g
Another Cult Winner
This is another Cult winner! The vanilla and clover honey are perfectly balanced with the Cyprian Latakia and other tobacco's. My first pipe of this blend had me completely unsure of what I was tasting but by the second bowl I was smitten. I sure hope Cult is going to make some more of it's other offerings if they are as good as the ones that I have tried I cant wait to try them as well.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Viva La Blood Red Moon
This stuff is great! Tastes like chocolate covered cherries. It has a very light note not overpowering at all just the right amount of flavor! No bite whatsoever. Light in strength and a great room note. I could smoke this all day, and have. I have been smoking it out of a new Meerscham pipe of mine so I have really been abe to put it through the ringers, bowl after bowl. Simply lovely. Cult of the Blood Red Moon to be sure! Oh and I meant this to be full 5 stars, I just did not pull the stars all the way and realized it too late. It won't let me pull it any farther now.

Cult - Anonymous 50g
A bit of bite; Update
At first this seemed like a good smoke but by the third bowl I had been bitten hard. It was like someone had unleashed an army of angry red ants on my tongue. I normally smoke VaPers so I am not sure why this bit me so badly?? Maybe the transition from VaPers to Cavendish sent my tongue into shock? I have no idea. I really liked the idea of having a light aromatic but the side effect was a bit to tough for me. I gave it three stars because it seems well crafted and obviously works for some, as attested to in other reviews. So, I imagine you will have to just try it and see if you are one of the lucky folks that this works out for. Update: I have since smoked this on its own not following any other tobacco and I tolerated it just fine. In fact I rather enjoyed it. So it must be that smoking it following a bowl of perique does not go together. I found the light aroma to be quite refreshing and the flavor was what I had hoped for to begin with, a light vanilla aromatic. So I will be changing my stars to 4.5 stars as it it is quite good. I just dont recommend it following anything with perique in it. I quite enjoy anonymous now.

Oliva - Serie V Melanio Torpedo
Current favorite
This is my current favorite cigar out there. I am sure there are better I just haven't found one yet. I am mostly a pipe smoker. But when I have a cigar, this is the most likely one you will find on my person. It has great flavors. It is a solid, consistently good cigar.

Auenland 50g

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Shell Briar with Silver (3217) (2020)

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Scottie Piersel
Relief Contrast Pencil Shank Zulu

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Alex Florov
Smooth Volcano with Juma

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Natural Amber Stem Spigot (B10)

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Il Duca
Sandblasted Apple (B)

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Tom Eltang
Sandblasted Apple with Bamboo

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Bruyere Quaint Belge (3) (2019)

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Shell Briar (4108) (2019)

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Partially Sandblasted Bent Dublin (579)

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Ichirin Sandblasted Bamboo Dublin

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Basic Sandblasted Freehand Churchwarden (2)

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Bing's Favorite Rusticated (6mm)

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Sandblasted Poker (Three Clubs)

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Auenland Almar Smooth Churchwarden (9mm)

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