Jeffrey V.

Lighters - Kiribi Kabuto Black Nickel
The BEST Lighter. Ever.
This is the last lighter that you'll ever need to buy...until you realize how much you love it and you buy another for safe keeping! The Kiribi Kabuto has a wonderful feel in the hand. It feels like a precision-crafted instrument and the style is impeccable. For anyone hesitant because of the wing-style hinge, it does not impede lifting the cap. As a matter of fact, with time, it makes opening faster. Beyond aesthetics, the lighter produces a beautiful soft flame at the perfect angle for both pipes and cigars. I am primarily a cigar smoker, but occasionally indulge in a bowl of FMOTB and have found this lighter to perform with flying colors. The flame is completely adjustable, and once set, will stay in it's position unless YOU change it. The tank in this lighter is also enormous. I've gone 3 weeks without a refill, lighting a cigar, and sometimes two cigars, a day. The short of the story is that you CANNOT go wrong with this lighter. Beauty and flawless function mingle into one. It's the best lighter I've ever had, and will probably ever have. UPDATE: The lighter is still going strong to this day. I had a slight issue with the bottom screw cap which covers the fill valve coming a bit lose, but I was able to fix this with some teflon pipe thread tape. The pivot screw for the cap likewise started to get a little loose. Again, this was easily fixed with some threadlock. Aside from these small (and very easily and understandable issues) this lighter has been fantastic.

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