John C.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Deep Hollow 100g
Apple and Vanilla ?
Hmm , well , i dont taste that at all. But, the tin I have was aged, ( I just sniffed the tin) and I dont smell anything of apple or vanilla even in the tin note. I will say , I was surprised that it didnt smell like the ketchup thing when I first opened it.( last week actually)I cant describe the tin note, as I might get it wrong, but it sorta smells like theres some perique in it , at least to me it does. kinda spicy. And that did throw me off, until I actually smoked it the first time. Heck, the smoke is nothing at all like the tin note. Its a very well rounded smooth, Virginia , on the light side. Heck, I'd say I could smoke it all day, but I only have the one tin, so its saved for my evening smokes.

Astley's - No. 109 Medium Flake 50g
All day Virginia
This is one of the first few virginia's that I tried. Ya know how you remember that first girlfriend, thats what Astleys 109 will always be for me . One of my first Va's , and oh so good she was ! I have since moved on, to others, but 109 is always in the back of my mind. Its been a while since I moved on, but maybe , just maybe , by chance , I shall see her on my shelf again. All goofing aside, 109 is an excellent Virginia, and good for a beginner, as its not overpowering. It really is mild and mellow, it is perfect as an all day smoke.

McClelland - Christmas Cheer 2011 100g
Christmas Cheer indeed
My first time with a McC C.C. tobacco was some 2001 Christamas Cheer, in 2011. It was 10 years old, and I have to say, it was an amazing smoke. So, I decided to buy a couple tins of this 2011 C.C.. I have one stashed for aging, and I opened one. The fresh tin is still a mighty fine , naturally sweet Va. Dont let all the talk about the ketchup tin note throw you off, it has nothing to do with the tobacco after its lit. These Christmas Cheers are made yearly with special reserve type tobaccos. Its not your run of the mill Va. Its pretty much some of the best quality virginia leaf they can find. And , there'll be notes on exactly "where" and "when" that leaf was grown. Like I said , its definitely not a run of the mill Va. its some of the best availiable.

McClelland - Matured Virginia: No. 27 100g
Sweet Va's
Gotta love McClellands Virginia's! I have tried a few , and this is one of my favorites , of McClellands linup. I like the light sweet Va's, and this falls into that category. I have also tried a few of McC's Va's with some years of aging, and I tell ya, theyre Va's age very well. I think thats where they really shine. Order a bunch, and stash it for 5-10 years , and you'll be smoking some of the best aged Va's availiable.

Samuel Gawith - Full Virginia Flake 50g
The Famous FVF.
What can be said about FVF? Its always in high demand, and when it comes availiable, its like the pipesmokers become " starved pirhannas, that just found a fresh chunk of meat" This stuff goes fast! But , if you get your hands on it, and if you dry the flake out just right, it makes for a very good smoke that you will want more of.And , I have have been lucky enough to have been able to sample "aged FVF" and just looking at an aged flake , with a fresh flake beside it , you will see the sugars, that have formed on the flake. This is "Full Virginia Flake " its sweet, creamy , smoky, has different flavors, depending on how fast or slow you smoke it, or on wether or not you are folding a flake and stuffing it, or rubbing it out a bit. For a pipesmokers life to be complete,you have to have sampled FVF .

Samuel Gawith - Best Brown Flake 50g
Best Brown
This is one of my top 3 favorites of Sam Gawiths. I keep it on hand , and its my traveling /working/ all day tobacco. Its light,and creamy smoky , and tastes great all day. I dont seem to get tongue bite from it.Its just a flat out good for all day Va.,

Rattray's - Old Gowrie 100g
Oh yeah! Old Gowrie!
This was one of my first Va-pers to sample, and it started off as my favorite , and continues to hold that spot, along with Fillmore.Old Gowrie is "the Best" in my opinion. And , recently ive been lucky enough to have some aged stuff gifted to me , and I tell ya it ages well! But , fresh is awesome too, so dont think its like some Va's that "need" aging to get better. Old Gowrie , is Excellent no matter how old it is. Great Va's, and not too strong on the Perique. Just about as perfect as a Va-per can be , in my opinion.

Dunhill - My Mixture 965 50g
Not a Lat fan ,,, BUT
Im not much of a Latakia lover, but after telling a friend that I liked Bobs Chocolate Flake, he sent me some of this to try. Its really a nice smoke , even to me , a Va fan. It seems lite , and almost sweet,, I even loaded a second bowl one day, and thought "thats strange for me". So, coming from a guy that doesnt like the heavy Lats, this is really a good smoke.

Orlik - Golden Sliced 50g
Still sampling
I like the naturally sweet tobaccos, and I guess I was looking for more "sweetness" when I first opened a tin of this. But I didnt quite get what I was looking for. So I jarred it up , and backed off. But, I also always give tobaccos another day or two. Different days , seem to produce different results/tastes. So, doing this review has sparked my interest, and today I will give another go.

Mac Baren - Navy Flake 3.5oz
Navy Flakes
When I first started smoking a pipe, somebody gave me some Navy flake, and I cant recall what it was. It sort of turned me off on the idea of Navy Flakes. Just recently, a friend sent me some MacBarens Navy Flake. So I gave it a try.. Its pretty darn good, so I tried it a few days later,, and I'm sort of liking it. Next thing ya know, this has become my smoke for doing chores. Almost like a ritual. When I head out to feed horses, I load up a COB pipe, and off I go. Its smooth, easy to light outdoors, stays lit,, and as im walking, if I inhale a bit, it goes down just fine. I never thought I would like Navy Flakes, but Im glad this was given to me to sample, as it changed my whole outlook on Navy Flakes. This is a Very Good Smoke

Mac Baren - Honey & Chocolate 100g
I tried it
I tried a tin of this during my hunt for Chocolate Va's.. It didnt quite suit me , it seemed a bit light on what I was looking for. So I sent it to a friend, and he absolutely loves it. His wife loves it too. Worth trying for sure.

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
I'm Irish, so of course I had to try this , the first time I saw it. Back then , I was going through some stressful times, and boy, the Nicotene in Irish Flake hit the spot. It was strong and stout. But , I have a high tolerance to nicotene, so it didnt bother me much. I think everyone should try this at least once. It gives you a taste of really really good dark fired, and I think Kentucky tobaccos. It is strong, to be sure, but its a good strong. Just treat it with respect, and like any Irishman, it'll be a good friend , there for you during the hard times.

Peterson - University Flake 50g
University flake is Excellent , in my pipe. It has what they call a plum taste. I thought I'd search out other tobacco's with that flavor. But I decided, I'd leave well enough alone. I dont think it gets much better than this, when it comes to that certain "plum" taste. Theres times I crave Univ Flake, and I keep it on hand for those times. It is such a favorite to me , that I reserve my Peterson Silver Spigot, for it. I got my Silver Spigot, and a can of Univ Flake for Christmas last year, purchased from none other than Smoking Pipes .com. So, my first smoke, in my first Spigot, was Univ Flake. Sort of a Special moment. Just last night, I smoked the same combination, and it took me back to Christmas day. Thats how much I like University Flake.

Peterson - 3 P's Peterson's Perfect Plug 50g
Perfect Plug is right
This is my favorite plug. Its dark in color, but the smoke is excellent. I like the naturally sweet Va's , but I am also a huge fan of Petersons University flake. This plug kind of comes close to University flake for me. But a bit less fruity. Which makes it a good Va in my case. and the plug is just cool. It lets you slice and prep it to your liking. This is another one of those that I keep for those special times , when its just me and my pipe. Those times when I want to savor my tobacco, and enjoy it.

Esoterica - Dunbar 2oz
Sampling now
I just received 2 oz's of this,from 2003. I have been smoking it in a Churchwarden, in the evnings , when I can relax and enjoy, and decipher good tobaccos. After 3 nights, I have decided I am getting more .I Love my Va's , and this has 7 , quality Va's in it, and the taste is excellent. The perique comes through ever so softly, and then , its there. Sort of a spice on your tongue, but not harsh , and no bite. Its soo good, I decided I will get more, and after researching it a bit more, I see that Dorchester is a bit sweeter, so I will definitely be ordering some of that. This is my first smoke , of the Esoterica line. and judging by what I have tasted, and seeing the reviews, Esoterica puts out quality tobaccos. I will be trying more of theyre line in my next order. I cant wait to try theyre Dorchester.

G. L. Pease - Union Square 2oz
My first Va
This was my first try at a quality Va.And maybe thats why I like the Naturally sweet va's to this day. Union Square is one of my top 5 favorite Virginia's. Its light and sweet, and easy to smoke. For a newb to pipes, it was a perfect choice.

G. L. Pease - JackKnife Plug 2oz
My intro to plugs
This was my first intro to plugs. Its a very good Va, but I tend to like the lighter Va's , this seemd to be too dark, and heavy for me . Its good , dont get me wrong. As I keep it on hand , for the times that I want a stronger Va. But I am definitely a fan of the lighter sweeter Va's

G. L. Pease - Fillmore 2oz
Now this is my absolute favorite Va-per!The tin note is out of this world. I actually have to fight myself to not "eat" it. And believe me , I have chewed on it a few times. The tin note is that good .The smoke is that good too. Again, My favorite pipe for Fillmore is my little Pete 317, and I can sip on it, while Im working or walking , or whatever, and its always the same . They list it as a leisurely smoke, but to me , even while moving and being busy, it still has that "leisurely" feel to it. The smoke is a creamy light easy going smoke, with excellent va taste, and a hint of perique. I cant say enough about Fillmore. You cant go wrong with this one.

G. L. Pease - Embarcadero 2oz
Excellent !
excellent , is all I can say. This tobacco is in a league of its own ! If smoked slowly, this tobacco will show you things you havent tasted before. I heard alot about it, and the reviews were to the affect of , this is the "Holy Grail" of tobacco, and "where has this been all my life". I havent explored its depths fully, but I have tin and it is reserved , as a "special" smoke. Its for those times when I can be left alone, just me and my pipe, where I can "sip" the smoke, and taste the difefrent tones as they Emerge. I guess this would be the first tobacco I have tried, where a bell went off in my head, and I thought, " Thats It!" "This is what they mean by complex" An Amazing Tobacco. Definitely, in a league of its own.

G. L. Pease - Cumberland 2oz
Another Favorite
I ordered a tin of this, and a buddy told me not to open it, to try some of his aged Cumberland first. Simply Amazing!! I smoke this in a churchwarden, and usually that means I have time to sit and relax, and slowly "sip" on my smoke. Cumberland stepped its way right to the top of my list of favorites, on the first bowl.

Cornell & Diehl - Exhausted Rooster 2oz
Va-per favorite
This another va-per that I keep on hand. I like it in my little Pete 317. Its an excellent Va-perique if you ask me. The tin note makes my mouth water. If you like va-pers, and havent tried this one , order some now, Exhausted Rooster is an excellent tobacco, and not too strong on the perique.Its a very pleasant almost sweet va-per. The can is cool too!

McClelland - 105 - Chocolate Mint
Choc mint
This one has a hint of chocolate, and a hint of mint. Im not really a huge aromatic fan , but I think I was expecting more. It just didnt seem to have enough chocolate or mint to it. Its good, but I just dont feel like it satisfies my wants , in an aromatic.

McClelland - 402 - Chocolate Cream
I had tried another brand of Chocolate, and decided to go on a search , of Chocolate Virginas. This became my favorite Choc/Va blend. I am pretty much a Va lover, but when Im around clients, I can smoke this, and they all think it smells amazing. If you like chocolate, I highly recommend this .

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
The Va-Per !
This may have been the first Va-per blend I had ever tried. When I first saw the coin shaped discs, I thought they were cool as all get out. Smoking it is a pleasure. The Va, and Perique are just right, but theres that little bit of Cavendish that seems to mellow it all out , to make for a smooth smoke. I keep this on hand at all times.

McClelland - 2010 - Classic Virginia
One of my Favorites
I like the naturally sweet Va's, and this is exactly that. It seems McClelland Va's are excellent quality, and this is no exception. As with all of theyre Va's , they are even better with age. But I dont have that type of supply, so my reviews are based on fresh . And the McClelland's that Ive tried , have all been excellent. As for the tin aroma, that everyone talks about, its just that , a tin aroma, and it doesnt effect the smoke at all.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bright CR Flake
My Favorite !
Bright CR was a sample given to me by a friend. And it has become my absolute Favorite ! I like a light sweet Va, and this is the one. It does have what some would call a "floral" sweet taste at lightup, but it goes away quick, and the naturally sweet Va flavor seems to stay all the way to the bottom of the bowl. If you like the light Va's , and those Va's that have a natural sweet flavor, then you have to try this. I cant believe I never heard of Bright CR before.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bob's Chocolate Flake 50g
My Latakia smoke
I am pretty much a fan of Virginias, and Va-pers. The Latakias were a little too much for me. But I like Chocolate, and a friend sent me some Bobs Chocolate Flake. This has turned out to be my favorite Chocolatey tobacco. And it opened the door , for me to try other bacc's with Latakia's, of which I now like. I love this stuff, its like a good Va, with just a hint of Latakia, and just a hint of chocolate. Its really very good. I am trying to keep it on hand , but it just doesnt last that long around here.

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